Mountain Messenger (a trancelike state) 9/6/17

Rumor is that the Mountain Messenger had a very important, well known somebody visit them today and since the Russell is with his Mommy, this very important person is stuck with meeting Jill or Milly or maybe both of them… Lee Adams is bringing John Coolidge Adams, an American composer of classical music and opera who’s latest work to premier by the  San Francisco Opera in November 2017 is Girls of the Golden West . Adams has a vacation residence near Sierra City and is familiar with local lore and legend. Juanita, who was the only female victim of a lynching in Sierra County in the 1800’s is one of the stories referenced in the opera.  So Jill/Milly will meet John and Don won’t, serves him right for loving his Mom more than us.

9/6/17 Every so often Don Russell enters a trance like state, this is confusing to many but, fortunately, Milly stays near to assist in his transition back to reality…

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