History w/ Lou 9/20/17

In order to understand this story fully, I must share a little history first. So, a couple of months ago I was doing my daily travels trough Facebook. I notice a couple of photos of some horses walking through a “new” housing complex. The author, James Gray mentions how he and his wife Cindy’s new house is coming along, on schedule, in Dayton Nevada. What?!?! I say to myself. James and I went to high school together and we began our Law Enforcement career’s as Police Cadets at the Watsonville Police Department. Our contacts through the years were sporadic, usually at WPD reunions. So, I fire off an instant message to James, (I always called him Jim and he always called me Louie, so if I go back and forth between those names, you’ll understand) I tell Jim that I too am having a house built in Dayton. We IM back and forth a couple of times and then I get busy with the big move. Around the first week of September I decide I had better get in touch with Jim as he will be getting busy with his move and I have this Celtic Thunder event to organize. James and Cindy are “vacationing” with some friends at Lake Tahoe. So Jim says he will call me when they get back to Dayton.

James calls me last week and we agree on a day and time to meet. We agree he will come to 99 Willamette Way on a day at about 10:30 am. He arrives at said time. He shares with me that he and Cindy looked at the model home next door to me and were interested in purchasing that home. We both said that would have been a hoot of they had got that house. Talk about going full circle. Apparently way too much time had passed as before we knew it, it was 5:45 pm. My goodness, we talked right through lunch without stopping. You know me, I don’t miss a meal, so this was monumental. So, we agree to head out for dinner. Neither one of us have eaten at Compadres in downtown Dayton. Off we go. By the way, Cindy was in California and that is why she didn’t come with Jim. Compadres is a Mexican restaurant in a small house converted. Had a very good meal and continued with our visit. We return to my place and continue our visit until 11:00 pm when Jim decided it was probably time to head home. Home for Jim and Cindy is the Dayton RV park until the house is done. During our conversations I mention to James I was probably going to the Dayton Valley Days over the weekend.

The next morning James calls and tells me he and Cindy are going to Dayton Valley Days and asked me to join them. I finish hanging a couple of pictures, take a shower and head out. I meet them at the entrance of the RV park and we walk down to the event. For those of you who have attended “Miner’s Weekend” in Downieville back in the day, this would be a larger version of that. Chili cook off, crafts, raffles, local fire departments giving away goodies to the kids, Lyon County Sheriff’s Search and Rescue handing out information, classic car show and of course, lots of food. Great! right up my alley. “It’s all about the food”! We walk into “J’s Bistro”. Cindy orders the shrimp salad, James and I order the hamburger and fries. They brought our food in a timely manner and boy, was there a lot of food. The fries were amazing! The burger, one of the best I have ever had. An old fashion burger Mom used to make with ALL of the trimmings. Incredible! The best Iced tea I have ever had. We continue visiting and of course, we get on the subject of what else, Celtic Thunder. James tells me they listened to a couple of their songs on “you-tube”. James mentions “Hallelujah” makes chills go up and down his back. He said the “boys” did a really fine job on that one. Well, what’s a guy to do? I have invite them. Those of you who will be attending the Celtic Thunder Event in Dayton on the 30th will have the pleasure of meeting Cindy and James. Yep, got two more! Now we have to work on them for the Cruise and maybe a trip to Ireland. Just say’n.

We finish lunch and waddle back into the street. This event is very well attended. We peruse the classic cars and come upon, I believe, a 1949 Chevrolet (pictured below) for sale. Cindy and I agree this is the car for us. We agree to go in halves and buy it. Shush, don’t tell James, he must not find out. Anyway, beautiful automobile. We continue back down the street and come upon the Historical Society of Dayton Valley booth and have a great conversation with the President of the organization. James, Cindy and I decide to join. They are really into preserving the history of this town and seem to have a good membership. Annual dues of $18 a person and all the volunteering you want, you can’t go wrong. And for those of asking that age old question, yes, they have a senior citizen group in town. No, I’ am not driving their van. LOL! So, we continue our walk down Pike Street and notice they are having a silent auction inside the old high school. Well, who am I to not stop and see what they have to offer. Of course I see a couple of things that look interesting. That being a $150 gift certificate and a t-shirt and baseball cap from Cinderlite Landscaping Material and a really nice western print from Turquoise Kiva in Virginia City. I place a bid on both. The results won’t be told until Sunday 2pm. Fine. We finish our tour of Dayton Valley Days and walk back to The Gray’s Tee Pee in the park.

Cindy and James give me a nice tour of the Tee Pee. Boy, they have all the comforts of home. Don’t know why they just don’t stay in the Tee Pee. They have it all, TV, Microwave, two bathrooms, air conditioning, queen size bed, recliners, Jamison’s. Yes, another discovery, James and I both like Jamison’s. Can’t believe it’s taken thirty plus years to complete this circle. Cindy and James, I had the best time, Thank you!

So, Sunday comes and I decide to attend the final results of the silent auction. Yes, I was high bidder on both, the Cinderlite bid and the western print. $100 for cinderlite and $30 for the print. Guess I’ll be visiting with Aaron Buck again. Too funny! I head home and continue with the picture hanging project.

Monday rolls around and I’ am still hanging pictures. You know, this is a stressful job, Every picture has it’s place and I want to make sure it’s in the right place. The phone rings, I answer and it’s Mary Jungi calling from Virginia City. Mary is the retired Sierra County Clerk-Recorder. She and her husband Dale and Mary’s sister are touring Virginia City and knew that I was living there, so she decided to call and maybe stop by to visit. Mary didn’t know that I had already moved to the new house, so I gave them directions. Of course, yesterday the wind decided to blow so hard I had white caps in my toilet bowl. So Mary and crew got to experience Great Basin Winds. I’ am sure they really enjoyed that! Anyway, they arrived, I toured them through the house and had a great visit with them! Always nice to see Sierra County folks!

Finished the picture hanging….I think. And got all the bedrooms in order…..I think. Ordered accessories for the bathroom and called it a day. One small corner in the dining room left, just waiting for the furniture to arrive to complete that corner. Otherwise, I begin the tasks of the Celtic Thunder event…….Stay tuned.