Weekly Warrior by Hunter, Niles, Sierra 9/20/17

by  Hunter Davey, Niles Bosworth and Sierra Folsom

On September 8th-10th the Downieville High School classes 10th-12th took a trip to Ashland, Oregon and saw two plays. On the 8th they saw Julius Caesar a play written by William Shakespeare about the conspiracy to kill Julius Caesar, a Roman emperor. On the 9th they saw the play The Odyssey, a story originally told by a Greek poet named Homer. This annual trip has been put on every year by Mrs. and Mr. Fillo, and every year they take the sophomore, junior, and senior classes to see multiple plays put on up in Ashland. Some of the students met some of the actors and Rosendo Marquez got a picture with the actor who played Brutus, one of the main characters in Julius Caesar. Everyone got to do brass rubbings, which was basically the older version of a photocopy.

To do brass rubbings, we took colored pieces of paper and wrapped the paper around the brass engravings we wanted to “copy” and rubbed them around the edges and inside the edges, which then produced copies of the engravings onto the paper. The kids enjoyed looking around the campus of Shasta College, which included looking at the dorms, tennis courts, and swimming pool as well as a drive through Lassen Park.

While the 10th-12th classes were gone on Friday the 8th Ms. Bolle took the rest of the junior high and high school on a hike. The 7th-9th went up Lavazola Road to Barney’s Hole. It was an 11 mile round trip. Some comments from students were that it was exhausting but very fun.

On September 13th a public speaker, Darryl Bellamy, came from North Carolina to talk to the junior high and high school students about facing and overcoming fears. The assembly was well received by everyone!

The Sierra Schools Foundation is offering up to $500 to seniors for their Senior Projects. Be sure to check out the DHS project posters next time you visit the school.

The fall semester CSF/CJSF members (California Scholarship Federation and Junior Federation) were treated to ice cream Friday afternoon in recognition of their outstanding grades last report card and as part of a week long guessing game as to who was each 7th grader’s buddy. Buddies are high school students who help the incoming 7th graders “get used to” the secondary side. This semester’s CSF members are Kaylon Hall, Sierra Folsom, Jacob Rust, Eliane Campbell, Esmeralda Nevarez, and Aaron and Austin Foster. The CJSF members are Jesse Folsom and Landon Jackson. Congrats to all on your excellent grades!
The tech class just got the 3d printer up and running. Tinkercad is a website they use to plan and map out their projects. Many objects have already been printed out. In the future the class will be building a robot for a Navy Submersible competition.
We are looking for public speakers to present their areas of interest to the 7-12th graders. If you are interested, contact Robin Bolle at 289-3473.
In the Kindergarten through 3rd grade class they are studying the weather and the seasons of the year. As part of their study the class observed tornadoes made in water bottles. They also now have a new free time chart that they use to promote good behavior. Mrs. Taylor, the new lead teacher in charge at Downieville School, came in to teach the class about equity versus equality.
Miss Maire’s fourth, fifth and sixth graders are going to be performing A Christmas Carol during Holiday on Main the first weekend in December. They start rehearsal this week. On September 13th the class celebrated Roald Dahl Day. Roald Dahl was an author who wrote Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, so the class got to invent candy for Willie Wonka. A field trip is planned for the end of this month to Malakoff Diggins. The students made Gold Rush eran costumes to wear when they visit the Diggins.
Have a great week!