Mountain Messenger (Freddy who?) 9/20/17

Where’s Don? There is a lot of speculation today that Don may have disappeared and it is strange that the women in the office, Milly, Jill, Penelope and Maricle are pretending like nothing is wrong. Apparently the Sierra County Sheriff’s Office is not concerned about the absence of Don, mentioning a past “chickenpoop” headline, the Board of Supervisors have elected to do nothing and just mention how lovely the new Mountain Messenger representative is at the Press Table. People in town have kind of forgotten what Don looks like with various descriptive values being given, tall, thin, plump, bearded, unshaven, long hair, scruffy looking, grouchy, egotistical…. wait that last isn’t a good descriptive, no one thinks Don has an ego, he is the most humble person anyone knows, more or less, maybe. Anyhow, any one who sees Don and can send a Photo atop  a copy of a dated Messenger as proof will get a free lunch at Coyoteville.

9/20/17 No I am not Don Russell, I am Freddy Gingg and I am looking for Patty, apparently a very big bird carried her off to Ireland… I don’t know what that is… but she forgot me…


Send anything you need published to Milly, the CEO and most important person in the office, at or you may call directly to 530 289-3262 and talk to Don, (and suggest he give a raise to Jill, Milly’s secretary). For a subscription: send money to Mountain Messenger at P.O. Drawer A, Downieville 95936 or call 530 289-3262 with credit card in hand.. Write to Don Russell at and tell him you subscribed because you read about it on Sierra County Prospect…..        Subscriptions cost Sierra County $30 1yr- $50 2yrs / Out of county $35 1 yr -$60 2yrs