Carrie’s Maple Corner 9/27/17

by: Carrie A. Blakley

Tree Relief

Last week, I talked about how certain tastes really don’t go together all that well. So, this week, I’m going to talk about some things that may sound like they don’t taste good together, but they truly do. Maple Syrup, for example. We all know that it’s great for pancakes, waffles and French toast. However, did you also know that warm maple syrup tastes great over vanilla ice cream? Ironically, it does not taste that good over maple ice cream. Go figure. One treat I used to love as a kid (and, if I could get my hands on some real maple sugar candy, I’d do this again) was fresh vanilla ice cream, topped with a drizzle of warm maple syrup, and a small maple leaf shaped maple sugar candy on top. YUM!

Want a sweet zing to your morning oatmeal, without all of the artificial flavorings? Add 2 tsp of dark brown sugar, 1 pat of butter and a drizzle of maple syrup. To cut the sweetness of it, simply add a dash of cinnamon to the mix. One thing I need to make note of is the fact that real maple syrup can get to be rather expensive. I highly recommend that you do not buy the cheap stuff. The difference between the two is like night and day. Also, if you’re going to buy maple sugar candy, get the real stuff. Yes, I know, it’s expensive. I can’t even afford to buy it on a regular basis. These are items I reserve for the colder months, and I use these maple items sparingly, simply due to the expense. Is the additional cost worth it? Absolutely. Can you use a cheaper alternative? Yes, but it won’t taste even nearly as good.

Maple syrup can be used in many recipes, ranging from dinners to desserts, and back again. Just a quick Internet search will render you with hundreds of really good recipes for things that use Maple syrup in them. The key is to be sure that you use the real maple syrup. Have a sweet week!