Wednesday September 27, 2017

Rosemary Hill of Sierra City has left us and many our mourning this loss to the county. Our thoughts and prayers are with the Hill and Dines families. A Memorial is planned for later in October and we will let you know the details. Her daughter Miriam spoke genuinely and echoed the  emotions of the community when she wrote on the Post Office door notice  “our hearts are cracked .”

The eastsierravalleychamber website is a thing to behold, It has a great map, and much interesting information about eastern Sierra County and don’t forget the Chambers mixer at the St Charles in Downieville on Thursday, October 5th.

A reader recently told me he had just begun paying attention to our columnists and was surprised how much information he gained about us and the world and how he had been motivated to look up some of the information to verify its veracity. He wondered if #ONE Trump has ever gotten the opportunity to read ideas put forth in our columns. I doubt he reads the Prospect, but if he did or there was any demonstration of his ability to allow new information to his closed and shuttered world view I would try to think better of him. I don’t have a lot of hope for Trump to suddenly become openminded and soliciting more information than what now flitters through his brain , darn….. I wish I could be a little positive about his ability to be a decent President and representative of American values… but it just isn’t there. At any rate read Robert Dodge, Tom Hastings, Mel Gurtov and Lawrence Wittner and maybe by osmosis Trump will absorb some information from us.    Be Encouraged, Carrie’s Corner, Carol’s Movies are all here to read with many things to do and places to go… The first week of Fall and all is well.

David Marshall spotted this Wood Duck paring at Salmon Lake and we are blessed to share it with you.