Wednesday October 4, 2017

Don’t forget we are having a joint chamber mixer in Downieville, St. Charles Place October 5th 2017 from 6 to 8 p.m. This event is co-sponsored by the Sierra County Chamber of Commerce and the East Sierra Valley Chamber of Commerce, and is open to all who wish to attend.

December 2017 Exhibitions, Events, and Programs at the Crocker Art MuseumDecember 2017 Calendar Release in case you are looking for some culture in Sacramento.

Be sure to read the South Yuba River Park  2017 OCTOBER SYRPA NEWSLETTER .

If you missed Pleasant Revolution at the St Charles Tuesday evening you still have the opportunity to see them check out the schedule here… and read the most enlightening  article in this issue of the Prospect.

So many things about this past week have been heart breaking and frustrating, not only for the lost of close personal friends but listening to #ONE Trump. I don’t even know what to say anymore. I will say stop making inane comments about Melania’s shoes or outfits… that is not the issue, everyone get a grip and focus on not only Trump’s inane words but what he is doing to the country’s checks and balances in maintaining our republic of democracy while we pay attention to his latest totally insane statement or tweet. Anyhow this week there is more than usual columnists weighing in as there are a myriad of things going on, so read them all, keep paying attention, write letters, go to town halls, speak out, march, don’t let us just meander into the complete rundown of our country, there are examples of how this has happened in history, think Germany or any other country that suddenly became an authoritative regime, but I meant to say nothing and ask you to read, so please read Winslow Myers, Wim Laven, Kary Love, Robert Koehler, Tom Hastings, Rev. Robert Moore.

Also read Be Encouraged, Carrie’s Bear Corner, listen to the Supes, find out what’s going on around town and in the county and keep those cards and letters coming, I like to hear from our readers.

The lovely stately photo of the Native Daughters of the Golden West Hall in Downieville  was taken by Darcy White. In addition to her photography Darcy is well known for her scrumptious scones occasionally shared with friends (like Jill and Liz).