Gabby’s Bump Typos 10/11/17

Typo phobia   –  by Gabby Fringette

Gabby Fringette

You may or may not have heard this term (usually accompanied by the term ‘TRIGGERED’). Basically, it is a ‘phobia’ of irregular patterns of bumps or small holes. Before we start off, I’m going to tell you the psychological definition of a phobia. You may be adverse to something, grossed out or made uncomfortable by it, but it may not be a phobia.
Phobia: Noun. a continual and non-sensical fear of a particular scenario, item, or act, that is consequently either strenuously abstained from or endured with characterized distress. With regard to the DSM-IV-TR the multiple kinds of individual are categorized under the heading specific phobia.

I’d also like to point out at the moment that typophobia is not officially recognized as a phobia. That doesn’t mean that trypophobia isn’t real. People can have a phobia to almost anything. But it likely isn’t very common, especially as common as people make it seem.

Many of the ‘triggering’ images are images of honeycombs (which aren’t really in an irregular pattern) or lotus seed pods or other small holes photoshopped into people’s skin. The issue here may not be that there are small irregular holes, but that they are in a context that disgusts and scares people. They aren’t reacting to the holes themselves, but rather seeing the holes in someone’s skin.

Unless you have a severe reaction to seeing the bubbles in pancakes or in soda, you likely aren’t trypophobic, you’re just grossed out by gross things.

I feel like the trypophobia epidemic is just one of mass-hysteria. BuzzFeed and the like post ‘articles’ showing the disgusting images, or innocent bubble patters (pancakes, swiss cheese) in creepy lighting or in such closeups they look sinister, and then tell you that if you felt creeped out, you’re trypophobic. This isn’t good. Self diagnosis of illness needs to stop. People want to climb onto the victim wagon and be triggered, because pity is fast becoming the drug of the 21st century. Just be glad nothing is wrong with you.
Unless of course you have an actual phobia of small holes, but this is unlikely because it’s such an outlier phobia.