Lou Meets New Family 10/11/17

So yesterday I had visiter’s from Cox’s Bar stop by 99 Willamette Way. Carol and David Marshall had spent the night in Reno after attending a show at the Grand Sierra Resort. We had a great visit and walked around the neighborhood meeting new neighbors along the way. They took me out to lunch and then they were heading back to Cox’s Bar. I guess they just couldn’t get enough of Dayton after last weekends Celtic Thunder event. Good times!

I have set out the bird feeders in the backyard and have had a ridiculous amount of birds coming to partake in the foodies. Birds of all shapes and sizes and traveling here from all around Nevada. Some have told me they heard about the free food at 99 Willamette Way all the way from Elko, Nevada and as far south as Beatty, Nevada. Some of them look pretty well traveled so I have no reason not to believe the distance they have traveled. As I write this from my dining room table, I look out the window and see many feeding with huge smiles on their faces.

This morning I step outside to begin my morning walk. I notice something about the lawn that looks different. I look further onto the street and can see a copious amount of “road apples” scattered all over the street and sidewalks. Without dissecting the evidence, I notice the deposits appear to be fresh. I examine the lawn and see no damage has been done other than a divot here and there. I happily realize I don’t have to mow the lawn this week!

I continue down Willamette onto Potomac. As I approach Deschutes, I see several horses on the lawn of the residence at the corner of Deschutes and Stratton. Well, I think to myself, those folks don’t have to mow their lawn either. As I get closer, one spooks and darts toward the street. I yell to him, “not to worry” and “please don’t run into the street”. He stops and saunters back my direction. I introduce myself and ask his name. He tells me his name is JC. I ask, your name is JC? He chuckles and says no, his name is actually James Christopher. He says JC is easier than using his entire name. He signals for another horse to come over. He introduces this one as his lady, Cynthia Mae. I notice a little one approaches. JC tells me his name is JimBob and that he is Cynthia Mae’s and his son. He was born in August and they decided to take him out for a Sunday stroll to become familiar with the neighborhood lawns. JimBob shakes his head and jumps around for a moment. He seemed pretty excited to meet me. I told JimBob that I have a friend in Virginia City who’s name is Little Flo and they are just months apart in age. JC tells me he has heard of her and her family. The Hagen family, right, he asks? I tell him yes. He knows Wilbur and his family and sometimes goes to visit them in Gold Hill. Boy, what a small world I tell him. He laughs.

So folks meet my new friends, The Gray family. I’m sure you’ll be seeing them often.

JC introduces me to the rest of his family. Rayborn (his brother), Rayborn’s lady Katie Anne and their little one, Lucius Beebe. They all shake their heads and smile. He continues and introduces me to Sutro Bill, his uncle and his lady Bulette. I ask them what their last name is. JC laughs again, Gray he says. Of course, what was I thinking? All you have to do is look and realize that!

I ask JC where is family is from. He told me they summer in Fort Churchill and winter near Dayton. They like to be closer to “civilization” during the winter months as food and shelter are more plentiful. I bid the family a goodbye and continue on my walk.

Today I decide to venture out a little further and walk as far as Bitterroot and River Parkway. I realize the “road apples” are abundant up and down every street. I think, boy this family has covered some ground, or grass, as the case may be. I also realize I had looked at a house on Bitterroot before settling on Willamette Way. Well, I’ am very happy with my choice.