SVCF SPG to LVFD 10/11/17

Sierra Valley Community Foundation Spring Grant Award of Financial Aid to the Loyalton Volunteer Fire Department

John I. Evans, LVFD Division Fire Chief

The City of Loyalton all volunteer fire department is grateful to announce that we have been awarded a financial grant from the Sierra Valley Community Foundation this past Spring. The fire department submitted a competitive grant application and was very pleased to have received the award in the amount of $ 1,042.76 for the purchase of a hand-held poison gas detector along with a calibrating unit to ensure its accuracy. This equipment is used when entering an area with suspected poisonous fumes and/or the absence of oxygen. Typical use situations include: suspected poison gas, propane gas leak, activation of carbon monoxide alarms and when entering a fire scene on an emergency call. We expect that this equipment will help us to better protect the public as well as to help prevent harm to our firefighters and EMTs. We are grateful to the Sierra Valley Community Foundation for the award and for all of the positive work they do for our lovely Sierra Valley. On behalf of our all volunteer local members, as well as our Fire Chief Shawn Heywood, thank you again for this generous award.