Wednesday October 11, 2017

Happy Birthday Markie Pie! Sierra City will have it’s annual Oktoberfest festivities and you are all invited, it is lots of fun, food, music and magic.

Be very very careful, do not flick you ashes out of the car window, don’t burn anything outside, save our county, save yourself, your home, your family and pets, Be super careful another RED FLAG warning the next couple of days…..

Nevada Co Transit fire affects schedule 171010 Transit

Paula Crowder posted this for us who see the paw prints:

Heads up – SR-70 Load Restrictions Beginning on October 11, construction crews will be repairing the rock retaining wall on State Route 70, between the Greenville Wye and Spanish Creek Bridge. Load restrictions will be in place, limited to max. 12’ wide loads.Motorists will see flaggers the first two days, with anticipated 15-30 minute delays, and a traffic signal will be installed after that until mid-November. Please slow down.

Our columnists Lawrence Wittner, Tom Hastings, Robert Dodge, Michael Nagler, and Rob Okun speak to the daily breath taking news that comes at us from all parts of our country, it keeps reminding me that we are not alone and our idyllic surroundings in Sierra County are in the midst of a big country, ocean and planet with many different views and ideas which help make us survive and can put us on the brink of disaster, it is best to get along and work and play well with others, somehow the “leader” of the free world, POTUS has missed out on this lesson, we need to keep reminding those who represent us, that playing with fire, especially the nuclear time, will wipe us all off the face of Earth, our home. Remember you get what you give, let’s give democracy, freedom, health and welfare to all or at least try and then try harder, try again. Keep working at being the good guys.

Anyhow read all the news and then read the Mountain Messenger tomorrow, lots of local goings on and things to do, don’t miss out. See you at OktoberFest in Sierra City on Saturday October 14th.

So the photo this week is once again by Darcy White of the first dusting of snow on the Sierra Buttes…. harbinger of things to come… we hope…