Wednesday October 18, 2017

State Route 49 (Sierra County) at Vista Point: Motorists can expect long term one way traffic controls around the clock through December 31 for emergency work to repair roadway erosion. Upcoming work to set bridge girders will require overnight full roadway closures currently scheduled from 6 p.m. Tuesday October 24 to 6 a.m. Wednesday October 25 and 6 p.m. Thursday October 26 to 6 a.m. Friday October 27.

Angela wrote a letter this week about her intervention in keeping a young child from jumping off the bridge into the river in Downieville. Good work and this demonstrates the pluses of living in Downieville or almost anywhere in Sierra County. We are the villagers in “it takes a village”. The first year I lived in Sierra County, I worked in Downieville and while going to the postoffice at 10 a.m. I came across a young boy walking down Main St by himself as he passed I wondered about the situation and called to him, “excuse me young man, aren’t you suppose to be in school”. He turned and said he was going to the bakery (Marcantonio’s) to pick something up and showed me the note from his teacher giving him permission to do this. As we parted ways I marveled to myself about how in our village we all know who we are, where we should be and the circumstances that may alert us to something being wrong. I once stopped Ty walking down the alley with an unknown older man, questioning who he was and where he was taking Ty, it was Christy’s father, Ty’s Grampa, here on a family visit. So the point is, while Angela has a point about being cautious concerning the whereabouts and safety of our children, what she, you, me and others do will make our community a safe place to be and let’s all help to keep it that way.

And it probably isn’t a good idea right now to have your little ones running ahead of you on the trails around the county, multiple sightings of Mountain Lions both sides of the Yuba Pass even in the populated areas, so just be aware and be careful. The Supervisors talk about it on the Board recording of the October 17th meeting. Just think of it as your favorite bi-monthly radio program, learn a lot about our county government, this week don’t miss the presentation from the court appointed receiver for the Loyalton Mobilehome  Park.

Rob Okun, Kary Love, Robert Koehler and Winslow Myers are my picks of columns this week always with a little bit more information to know what’s going on in the world, outside of our little piece of paradise. Carrie’s Corner, Be Encouraged by Angela, Carol’s Movies, local news and events to enjoy.

The photo was taken by Mike Galan “Location: Forest Service yard across from the DFPD Office. This Bear was soo hungry he did not want to leave. At one point, had a pizza box in his mouth and I dare anyone to try to take it away!” The epitome of what’s going on in Downieville this month… wild critters getting ready for winter… but apparently he understands the recycle symbol.