Wednesday October 25, 2017

Don’t forget Hwy 49 at Vista Point overnight full roadway closures currently scheduled from 6 p.m. Tuesday October 24 to 6 a.m. Wednesday October 25 and 6 p.m. Thursday October 26 to 6 a.m. Friday October 27.

Sierra City VFD is sponsoring the Basic Firefighter 1 course beginning today Wednesday October 25th at 6 p.m.. Everybody is welcome to attend, Attendance at every class is not required unless you are going for the certificate. The classes will be held every second and fourth Wednesday, from 1800 to 2000 hrs, of the month, at the Community Hall in Sierra City.  Hope to see you all there. So, all you new volunteers, and anyone who even thinks about being a volunteer in Sierra County volunteer fire services please take advantage of this opportunity.

Winter is approaching meaning weird weather and other issues a good time to register your home and cell phones and email with Code Red just go to the site and register or email LeTina Vanetti for more info at

Ok, does every woman in the world want to be a victim, the latest about an elderly man in a wheelchair inappropriately touching a woman was the tipping point… yes inappropriate behavior by men AND women needs to stop, and men and women need to speak up and say something when it happens. A crime is a crime, rape, sexual assault need to be reported immediately not only for the person assaulted but for the protection of future victims, but telling stories about something that happened many years ago when speaking up then could have stopped the action is just trying to be a victim and part of the sensationalism.

Speaking of speaking up and saying something, thank you for the members, Republicans and Democrats, of  Congress   taking a stand against the inanity of the actions taken by #O.N.E. Trump, his executive orders decimating regulations that protect the health and safety of American workers and citizens of our country is criminal. Trump’s crazed tweets are awful but the real travesty are the actions he is taking against the future of American, it has been apparent there is no truth in his “make America great again”, the reality of his motto is “make me and my cronies richer, the hell with the losers”. And make no mistake as to who Trump sees as losers, it is us, you and me and anyone who is working their butts off keeping food on the table, struggling to pay mortgages, rents, transportation costs, doctors, dentists, clothing, heat…. you know what it is like to earn a paycheck. Trump has never had that experience, why are we trusting him to do the right thing for us… he isn’t going too. He’s shown his stripes and they ain’t real.

Katy Love, Andrew Moss and John LaForge write columns this week which are brain food. Carrie’s Corner, Be Encouraged, Gabby Fringette are a little relief from the bad news, Local news, things to do, places to go, relax and enjoy the Prospect and then get the real skinny with Don’s news tomorrow or Jill’s or Milly…. one of them in the Messenger.

The Fall photo this week is over by Sattley and was taken by Don Yegge.

4 thoughts on “Wednesday October 25, 2017

  1. A Nite of thanks to Downieville & its members. Not sure where to post it.

    As Mark and I reflect on the delightful meal, exciting carnival preparations by the students (not their parents), and the excitement of each community member, we felt so at ‘home’ last night at the Downieville school. A ‘home’ where the people are few, but empowered to give, share and love one another. A ‘home’ where, people watch over each other’s ‘young’ins’ and want them to have a special day or moment. A ‘home’ where businesses go that extra step to give and show their support. A ‘home’ where everyone comes out to cheer on other friends, families and our dear elder folks. This is what makes our town of Downieville special, its history, it’s people and its future’s so important. When you live here for a long time you may become accustom to “the normal”, but this place is not “just normal, it’s special”. There’s a spot for each and everyone of us to fit. We are so blessed to share a portion of our life with you. Thank you Darcy White, you are amazing, you inspire me and our town is grateful for all you do. Good job once again. Happiest of holidays to you all. Let’s protect our ‘sleepy hallow’, keep it safe and pure for generations to follow. May your home and the town we call “home” be blessed with great health, laughter and happiness for all.
    💕The Panelli’s

    • President Obama and Secretary Clinton were able to put the country first, not Wall Street, keep laughing until it is too lat, wake up Mark.

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