Gabby’s Halloween 11/1/17

Gabby Fringette

Gabby’s Halloween poem
by Gabby Fringette

Oh how blows the wind ‘oer this Hallow’s Eve
Coldly moaning like witch’s breath,
flickers candles what glow in jolly carved men.

Darkly shines the night sky
A roof overhead a million sleepy roofs,
velvet wrap keeping us trapped ‘pon comforted ground.

Little scuff of children’s shoes
Little whisper of little voices,
of many futures of the making

Now here we are up in the waking
Weaving darkness, tales creating
for the Halloween which will sate for another 364 days

So come this eve this month this year
Sit listen close to a tale so dear,
your grandmother’s story or one shiny new

Where’er you bring your story from
Tell to others to grow it like a weed
then be set in stone.