Wednesday November 1, 2017

This week there is an article about California 2017 EMS Awards for exemplary service and our Frank Lang, MICN, FNP was among those being chosen for this honor. Normally, this type of article would be edited in various ways to just highlight the local heroes to shorten the read, but as I read through it, I realized how interesting it is telling about what all these emergency medical responders do. It gives a greater understanding as to just how important these citizens are in our communities and how fortunate we are to have volunteers step up in Sierra County to the be there and perform these same types of heroic acts in concert with the whole state EMS system. So take the time to read and learn the names of these people and take the time to say your appreciation to your neighbor EMT, FireFighter, Ambulance Driver, Dispatcher,  better yet, be another who steps  up and becomes one of our local heroes, volunteer we have just the job for you.

Today has been a really odd day for me and it has nothing to do with t-RUMP, just picture a dinosaur with short arms, tiny hands and orange hair, but I digress. I think what I am trying to say is things are not getting any better in the national news, issues within and from out are making our country not as safe, I do have to say it is the issues within our own government right now that are making me more nervous. But because of my odd day, this is a short front page, please read the contents of this issue to update yourself on EVERYTHING.

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You know I just had to use another Bear photo, Elizabeth Morgan took this in Downieville and we certainly hope this bear is being watched over by the Angel because people have been overreacting to wild animals in town. We must remember we are in their territory and they try to live with us, we need to do what we can to keep them safe.