Carrie’s Breath Corner 11/8/17

by: Carrie A. Blakley
Rain, sleet, snow, wind, Daylight Savings Time, political unrest, cold, more rain, road construction and work. Those things alone are enough to cause many people to go into a full blown ‘leave me alone’ mode. Top that mess off with the upcoming holidays, and it can be a recipe for disaster. Stop. Breathe. Learn that it’s perfectly alright to crave solitude. Know that you are not going to be loathed if you tell someone ‘no, I’m really not up to doing that (going there, seeing them…w/e) today’. It’s also completely acceptable to tell someone that you’re not up to dealing with people that particular moment, and require some alone time. That’s fine! No one’s feelings are going to get all blown out of whack because you can’t handle people for awhile. Everyone needs time to unwind, chill and totally relax. Furthermore, if someone’s feelings do get blown all out of whack, understand that it’s their problem, not yours, and they can just deal with it for awhile until you recharge, and are ready to face the world again.

Not everyone recharges in the same fashion. For some people, they draw their energy from large crowds, and almost seem to bask in the surroundings of the noises from a city, rock concerts or large gatherings. For some, this can be the ultimate nightmare. Others prefer sitting in a softly lit room, perhaps with a glass of fine wine, a good book, and some soothing music. Others still, turn to their electronic gadgets for awhile, focussing on games, browsing the Internet, ‘window shopping’ on Amazon…or just meandering about on a news web site. Some like to watch television. Some like to just go for a good walk, or just read a good book. Whatever it is that you do to recharge yourself, do it. With the holiday season approaching, stress levels will be higher than usual.

Finding the perfect tree. Having the perfectly wrapped presents. Cooking the perfect meal. Wearing the perfect clothing. Stop. You do not have to have everything perfect for any holiday, much less Thanksgiving and Christmas (or, Yule, or Hanukkah, or Kwanza..or whatever holiday(s) you celebrate during this time of the year). So what if the pie is a bit more brown around the edges? It doesn’t ruin the entire pie. Who cares if that bow is slightly off centered on the gift? It doesn’t take away from the gift inside. So you can’t fashion a pine tree out of a cloth napkin, no matter how hard you try. It’s a napkin. No one is going to care one bit how a piece of cloth that’s used to wipe food remnants off of your face looks on a dinner table. YOU might care, but that itself is something entirely different. It’s called ‘being too hard on yourself’, and ‘not learning to let go of the little things that truly don’t matter’. Learn to relax. Learn to recharge, and please, learn to slow down and enjoy life a bit. Also, learn to take care of yourself above all else. If you’re not taking care of yourself, you’re not going to be able to take care of anyone else either. So, go out there and relax all over the place, and enjoy life. Oh, and have a great week everyone. 🙂