Celtic Thunder Nuts 11/8/17

Celtic Thunder Fans gather at Lou Foxworthy

Well Good Morning Everyone!

Just a long update for you all sharing yesterday’s events. It was probably the BEST day on the ship so far!!!!!!

We started the morning by standing in line for the photo shoot with all the boys. Everything went well until we got to the stage for the photo. How it works is you and your cabin mate get your photo taken with all of Celtic Thunder. We got into position and the photographer told us to smile. I guess Sam thought they said something else, so he pulled his shirt up over his head exposing his upper torso to the boys and all the world. After we explained to him that is not what they wanted, he embarrassedly said “OH”. Sam is a man of few words. Whew! we got through that one.

The rest of the morning was pretty much a leisure time so we explored the ship. We scheduled the day and decided we all wanted to see the cooking demonstration put on by Emmet and Neil. 12:30pm rolls around and the show starts. It becomes apparent neither Emmet nor Neil know how to cook. So, they had the head chef on the ship helping. The made an Irish Stew. Emmet thought the chef said put the parsley in, when the chef actually said, put one tablespoon of parsley in. So, two cups of parsley vs one tablespoon of parsley? who will notice? In the meantime, I bump into Mary Mann. I tell her I have two extra tickets to the Sharon Browne afternoon tea. She told me she and her friend, Julie would be interested to going. Great!

The Irish stew is done and we decide we would partake in the buffet for lunch……Okay……your getting it, It’s all about the food! Finish lunch and the girls want to go shopping. Off to the on-board stores for fun and frolic! Gladys and Hortense end up in the jewelry store haggling with Abdul over a ring. In the end, they don’t buy a thing. Back to the buffet for liquid refreshment.

Time to get into the line for Afternoon Tea With Sharon Browne. They don’t let us in until the time. So, the sardines are packed in causing the temperature to rise above safe levels. In the mean time, I have been told there is going to be a HUGE surprise in the tea. The doors finally open and we head in. They tell us the table seat 10, but only nine per table. I notice a note on one chair at each table that says Celtic Thunder. Obviously we don’t sit there. We notice familiar faces among the crowd. Laura Durant (Colm’s wife and their little guy, and he is a cute one) Now, This is where I need to refresh your memories or bring you up to date from past members of Celtic Thunder. As most of you know, George Donaldson passed away at the age of 44 a couple of years ago leaving a wife and daughter. Yep, Caroline and his daughter have joined us on the cruise and are in the tea room with us. What a special thing to experience. Very nice. We find our table and sit with tea and crumpets and other pastries. Yum! Also, some of you may remember Paul Byrom. He is an original member of Celtic Thunder who left to go out on his own. Enough said about that for now.

Before long a member of the Celtic Thunder crew sits with us. She tells us she is the one who gets permission from songwriters to use their songs for the shows and recordings. Nice visit with her. All of a sudden, a man come up behind me and asks if the chair next to me is taken. I look up and who should it be? Yep Paul Byrom. I mutter something like…”NO”. He sits down and begins to visit with us. I’ am thinking, could this actually be happening? Yep, it is. When all of a sudden, a lady appears to the left of me and asks if that chair is taken. I tell her no and she tells us her name is Elaine. I yell out, Elaine Massey? She says yes? I stand up and introduce myself and we both get excited. Elaine and I have become friends on-line as she is the Merchandise person in Dublin Ireland for Celtic Thunder. She and I talked back and forth while I was getting the prizes organized for this years Celtic Thunder Party in Dayton, Nevada. She was an awesome help and did some very special things for us this year. And she is the one responsible for putting our group photo in this months Celtic Times. She hands Judy Laughlin her camera and asks her to take our photo. Judy does. We have a great visit and she proceeds to tell everyone about the photos I emailed her, specifically, the one with Ron Thurman and his t-shirt. She just loves that shirt Ron!!!!! It was so nice to meet Elaine and we agreed we would get together again while on the ship.

So, while we were visiting, Mary Mann and Julie were talking with Paul. Apparently, Mrs. Mann was telling Paul about the Celtic Thunder Parties I put together each year. After Elaine left, Paul turned to me and told me what Mary told him. I said, yes, we do this every year. I told Paul, “You should come”. He looked at me and said, “He would love to attend”! I didn’t think he was serious when he told me, really, I would love to come, when is it. I told him June 2018. He told me to email him with the dates when I decide and he would be very happy to attend. I said “seriously”? He said yes, he would love too!!! As I was sitting there wetting myself thinking, he is serious! I told him I would be in touch with him. He said great! OMG!!!!!!! I had to go back to the room and change cloths! Gladys and Hortense tell me I had the “Deer in the Headlight” look. Well, duh!

After Paul leaves the table Sharon Brown (Producer of Celtic Thunder) comes and sit next to Judy and I. We have a great visit and she shares things regarding Celtic Thunder. Of course, All I hear is “blah, blah, blah, as I’m still flying on cloud nine about Paul coming to Dayton. I Still can’t believe it! It’s time to leave for our next gig.

We migrate to the Plaza Lounge to attend the “Pub Quiz” hosted by non-other than, Paul Byrom and Colm Keegan. We end up having the time of our life there. It was side spitting hilarious! Can this day get any better?

Time for dinner. Good job you guys, your getting it……it’s all about the food! Back to our usual table for braised short ribs, salmon, chicken something or other and of course, dessert. What else? yep, Molten Chocolate Cake! But who’s thinking clearly? I’m still on cloud nine.

After dinner off to the Celtic Thunder Holiday Show. What can I say? It was absolutely amazing. They performed songs off the new Inspirational CD along with some standards and a great variety of Holiday songs. THEY WERE GREAT!!!!!

Oh no, the nights not over! Off to the Plaza Lounge to see Ritchie Hayes perform. Ritchie has been the M-C throughout the cruise and he also puts on his own show. I forgot to mention, Judy and I got a photo with Ritchie earlier in the day. Stay tuned. Anyway, Ritchie is not only a comedian, he is one heck of a singer. Great Show, great comedy and to say the least, A GREAT DAY!

Off to the 24 hour buffet, yep IAATF. You got it! Back in the room at midnight-thirty. Having trouble falling asleep as I’m still on cloud nine over Paul.

Remember, Mark your calendars for June 2018. Special Guest, PAUL BYROM!!!! Dayton, Nevada.

Okay, Arriving in Roatan was we speak. Time to get off ship and see the sights.

Talk soon!