Wednesday November 8, 2017

Happy Birthday John Evans, Frank Lang, Donna McNamara, Don McIntosh, and Beth Fisher, I should pay more attention to the Lion’s Club Community Birthday Calendar and let everyone get more presents. It’s good to give and get birthday presents… just saying….

All Sierra County Solid Waste Collection Sites (Alleghany, Ramshorn, Sierra City, Sattley, and Loyalton) will be closed on Saturday, November 11, 2017 in observance of Veterans Day. Questions should be directed to the Dept. of Public Works at 289-3201.

What can we do? “We” is not only us but all of humanity facing the greatest threat of all to our lovely planet. There is an answer in Kary Love’s column this week, and no it isn’t about t-RUMP, although I have to say he is bringing this threat closer to fruition. If all of humanity could come together of this looming threat we might be able to understand how to end our less lethal issues and reach the ultimate goal of Peace on Earth…. imagine how happy G-d would be.

So we have a myriad of Misdemeanor violators in Sierra County according to this “While the Humane Society of the United States cautions against feeding wild animals in just about every other capacity, feeding birds and squirrels in your own backyard is generally harmless. But that doesn’t mean you can’t get legally dinged for setting out a bird feeder.” Yep feeding birds, squirrels, raccoons and any wildlife can get you a Misdemeanor arrest. So all you people out there better rethink what you’re doing, take it from one who now knows, so if you know of someone  who’s doing this apparently it is acceptable to rat out your neighbor.

Mel Gurtov, Kary Love, Winslow Meyers. Rob Okun,  Letter from Ed, Lou’s Travels on a Boat, Carol’s Movies,  Carrie’s Corner, Be Encouraged, Board of Supes, Of course the results of today’s elections throughout the country probably isn’t the best news for t-RUMP especially when he is traveling through Asia bragging about his non existent accomplishments. Read our columnists and and think about it and maybe reminisce about when we were smarter…. you know before the Walk/Don’t Walk signs taught us not to think.

The photo of the Downie River meandering through Downieville was taken by either Lee Adams or Debby Panelli, I’m not sure and everyone is wondering just how much water we will have this winter… snow is the key, we need the snow most… Do the snow dances…..

5 thoughts on “Wednesday November 8, 2017

    • well Lee took a picture there and is not sure if that is his or yours, but said you should be credited just in case I used yours and I can’t remember where I got it from except I labeled it with Lee’s name .. but then I’m old and could easily have made a mistake, I often do…like feeding raccoons…

  1. So does that same logic apply to not feeding homeless people or helping out those that can’t help themselves by donating to the food bank? Because if you allow that logic to trickle down, a huge part of Sierra County will be cited, while a greater number of “concerned citizens” will go hungry.

  2. I just read the article in the national publication you sent the link for . SO does this mean I can really get fined for doing what the article encourages ” make your own Humane Backyard. Once you’ve learned how, take our Humane Backyard pledge.” Or does that depend on how Humane my neighbor is?????

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