Be Encouraged by Angela Collier 11/15/17

In carrying a heart of thanksgiving year round, we can avoid seeds of bitterness taking root after dealing with the heavier blows of life. God blessed me at a young age in revealing a passion for songwriting and the piano.

The late Tom Petty said “Go after what you really love and find a way to make that work for you, and then you’ll be a happy person”. The majority of readers can apply his philosophy because America is still the land of opportunity compared to a great many other nations. Sadly there are folks young and old that are stuck in factories, sweatshops, basically
enslaved to a trade or government not of their choosing. Painters, musicians, singers, bakers, doctors, architects, and craftsman (the list goes on) that will never have the opportunity to explore their skills as they are busy making cheap clothes and digging out diamonds for the Westerner.

In 2017 places still exist where women and children do not have a voice, they are simply property. In honor of those that never had the option or the ability to pursue their dreams, or for those whose life ended much too soon, do them proud and make your life count. It is not about appearing to look busy or productive, or appearing to be a contributing
member of society- God sees through the bull.

Some of the best work is done behind the scenes- God sees what others do not. I promote actually doing something of value that will stand for all eternity- whether you are paid or not, whether it is seen or not, rewarded or commended here on earth or

We only get one life, one shot at this. If you are blessed enough to live where you have the freedom to learn what you are good at, passionate about, and the gifts and talents the good Lord blessed you with…my lands, don’t waste your life. Happy Thanksgiving! God is good! Always!