Lou Lays in Bed 11/22/17

As I lay in bed thinking about the trip, the people and all the things we have done I wish I would wait until morning to write these when the cranium has less spider webs. I also wish I could include everything that we did so far on this trip. However, I’m sure I would put you all to sleep or encourage suicidal tendencies. So, I won’t. But, I did want to share some photos with you all. Ever efficient Judy has posted some photos on Facebook. So, be sure to take a look at those.

As you all know, Kris and Martin are not only “Celtic Thunder Rookies”, they are “Celtic Thunder Cruise Rookies”. Yes folks, they decided to take the plunge and do it all. They are brave, but wanted to do both. Of course, we don’t discourage this type of behavior. So it was nice that they wanted to join the goofball club. We did learn along the way that Kris has a soft spot for Neil Byrne. At first, it started with his soft voice and moved on to his good looks and then to Kris wanting to bring him home with her. I could be wrong, but, I don’t think Martin is real big on this idea. Martin mentioned several times how much he enjoyed Emmet’s voice and songs. I would certainly agree with Martin, Hard to beat Emmet’s smooth tenor voice. By listening to the two of them talk, I believe they enjoyed the cruise, the entertainment and the shenanigans along the way. I hope we didn’t scare them too much. Thanks Kris and Martin for sharing our love for cruises and our love for Celtic Thunder! Now, lets get this day going and see what kind of trouble we can get into in South Beach.

Photo #1 – The Gang on the Beach in Routan

Photo #2 – Martin and Sam taking a Ride

Photo #3 – Paul Byron and Lou…..This is about the time I was wetting myself

Photo #4 – Judy, Richie Hayes and Lou….I have never felt so tall!