Wednesday November 15, 2017

Caltrans is alerting motorists that the National Weather Service has issued a Winter Storm Watch in the Northern California area for Wednesday through Friday.. The storm is forecast to include heavy valley rains, high winds and up to 12 inches of snowfall at the higher elevations, including Donner and Echo Summit passes.

This is a great article about the (click here> Girls of the Golden West opera in San Francisco, good for Sierra County, looking forward to more visitors and tourists. It would be nice if we could get parts or all of the performance at the Yuba Theatre in Downieville, let’s work on it happening.

Gosh, I must really be turning into a little old lady. A while back I complained about car ads demonstrating totally irresponsible reckless driving on roads, kinda saying you can drive anyway you want with new technology and you still won’t kill a deer (or child) crossing the road. So it is before the holidays and Victoria Secrets new lingerie ads are irritating me, young women dressed in skimpy lingerie are depicted in sexual poses inside a residence and outside on the porch. It isn’t just VS, but perfume and jewelry and music… In today’s climate of accusations of sexual assault, rape and harassment it seems even more inappropriate than usual. Soft porn on network television, You know the advertising business needs to get “woke”. Hillary Clinton is a excellent example of what happens to a professional woman dressing in a professional way, she was constantly ridiculed for her pantsuits (and still is I might add). The news programs on television are interesting, the difference in the male and female reporters attire is striking and shoes…OMG… women’s heels are designed to accent sexual posture and think of all the back, feet, knee, hip problems as they age. I want to look pretty too, but there has to be some fairness to women and how they’re presented, children see these ads too, especially today with the advent of recording shows to watch during the day. … OK, finished with this rant, on to politics. Someone please tell t-RUMP to resign in a orderly fashion to save himself from self destruction, it may be too late for him, but not for us. Gadzooks, listened to his press conference today about his Asian trip…. apparently it was all about him, he started out trying to be gracious but then it all turned to his wonderful being.. blah blah blah .. lots of self praise and no substance, poor fool or is it poor us.

Mel Gurtov words on Congress, Patrick Hiller, Lisa Fuller and Robert Koehler provide our brain food this week, don’t miss out. Carrie’s Corner, Carol’s Movies, holiday happenings, places to go, things to do and lots of local news here for your reading pleasure. The Mountain Messenger is featuring a contest of sorts, be the first one to pick up the phone and see what awaits you as a new subscriber, remember Don loves subscriber is the key.

The photo this week was absolutely taken by Lee Adams at Haskell Peak while cutting Christmas Trees for the Downieville Lions Club and we are beginning to live in our winter wonderland of Sierra County,