Bear, Darby, USFS 11/22/17

Who? Me?

Darby is out sick with the flu, to stay home doctors orders till at least Monday…but that did not stop him from answering the door and helping the Forest Service chap that is staying in the barracks last night.

In the middle of watching a scary crime drama late last night, we were startled by a loud very rapid banging on our door…Darby peeked through the drape and noticed the Forest Service worker standing outside our door holding a small hammer.

The bear had broken in the back door of the barracks and was tearing up the kitchen. Darby sick, still chugged out, grabbed his shotgun out of his patrol car and off the two went…they entered the kitchen only slightly torn up and the bear exited out the rear door….the one scared, hammer holding Forest Service worker went around the building to make sure a second door was open so the bear could exit all the way…as the bear did.

Fun times! Hungry Bear!