Carrie’s Weather Cow Corner 11/29/17

by: Carrie A. Blakley

Oh the weather outside is getting frightful, and the nights aren’t that delightful, and since we’re going to get snow, let it go, let it go, let it go! Seriously, if I have to listen to one more person on the news try to explain to folks living in snow country, that there’s ‘soooo much snow’ out there, and frost, and ice, and freezing rain, and…well, you get the idea…I’m just going to snap. To the dear, obviously innocent, meteorologists out there in our world, please stop trying to tell us what our weather is going to be like. In this county alone, we’ve got at least 10 different weather patterns going on, and that’s just on one side of the county. In any given town, there could be another 5 patterns, and throughout the entire county, upwards of 20. So please, it’s cold. It’s late November. Obviously, at some point, there’s going to be snow, and frost, and ice, and freezing rain, rain, even some thunder…throw anything else in there, we got this. We’re a hardy people. Let’s face it, when you have a town that loses power, and the only thing they’re upset about is not being able to find the flashlight batteries (again), there’s not much anyone could throw at us that would cause us to go into an all out panic.

We ought to invite some of the meteorologists up to our area to spend a winter season with us. I kid you not, there have been plenty of times when I’ve looked out my back window, and it was snowing, and then walked out my front door, only to find that it was raining. It happens. That’s Sierra County for you. We take bonkers to a whole new level out here. If anyone takes a really close look at our Sheriff’s Blotter, well, that’s about as far as you have to look to understand that we’re probably one of the only counties in the nation where a cow ends up on the Sheriff’s weekly report as being a traffic hazard. I’m fairly certain that more animals end up in the weekly Sheriff’s Blotter, than people. So, when you think about it, cows in the road, random weather patterns all over the place, power outages being a normal occurrence, dogs singing us the songs of their people at 3am in the middle of the highway, and the local social media pages lighting up like Times Square every time it snows…yep, we’re bonkers. But, we’re good at it!

The weather isn’t going to get much better over the next few months, and we all know this. The power is going to go out at some point over the next few months, and we all know this as well. We’re coming in to the season that mother nature likes to just throw everything she’s got at us….and, once again, we’re going to look up at her and say: “Is that all you have?!”. She’ll take that as a challenge, and yet again, we’ll be prepared. We always are. Heck, most of us are prepared for Winter in by the middle of July. So, let’s be safe out there. Be smart. Don’t take chances, and get to, and from, your destinations in one piece. Enjoy the week!