Mountain Messenger (Cheer & Joy) 11/29/17

We’re on the short downhill to Happy Chanukah, Dec 12-19, then Merry Christmas December 25th and Kwanzaa Dec. 26 to 1/1/2018 which is Happy New Years Day. You possibly may be wondering why I am mentioning all upcoming holidays and not just Christmas, well Christmas is very important, particularly to Don at Mt. Mess,, the Christmas edition of the Mountain Messenger is a particularly exquisite one filled with tidings of Joy and Good Cheer. I really like to do all my Christmas cards at once by placing an ad in the Mountain Messenger as then you don’t risk forgetting to send a neighbor a Christmas card when they are the ones who will be digging you out of a snowdrift. So it is a good idea to get your order in early, sometimes he runs out of room and then he can’t get my ad in, at least that is what he tells me, well to clarify the issue, Jill or Milly tells me that he is really sorry and wishes he had room to put my ad in, but he definitely wouldn’t leave YOUR ad out because you probably have a subscription too… you know you could put in a Chanukah or Kwanzaa ad in early and that might take the stress off of the Christmas edition. But one thing for sure is you do not want a missed opportunity to be part of history. You would be surprised how many grandchildren and great great grandchildren and children who come to the Mountain Messenger to look up old issues where their ancestors are mentioned/featured or just have a Merry Christmas ad 50 years ago, it is fun to meet them and someday it could your descendants, smiling at your name in the Mountain Messenger. Buy an ad, get a subscription, give a subscription with your Merry Christmas in it. Wow this is a long story about Christmas… oh well. looking forward to the holidays..


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