Fund in Plumas 11/29/17

The groundwork has be laid for a major fundraising opportunity in Plumas County. The Plumas Homegrown Americana Festival was designed to draw visitors from across the west coast to Plumas County. The 2017 festival was a modest success, but considered a major success when it comes to fine tuning the possibilities. Organizers are confident that attendance will substantially grow each year. One of the challenges with a newer event is the classic chicken or the egg. The event needs to offer certain amenities to draw people, but it’s difficult to secure amenities without a guarantee of people.

A weakness at the 2017 festival was a lack of food choices. A couple of food vendors withdrew at the last minute fearing a lack of business. There was one commercial food vendor and then the Quincy Lions club, who sold root beer floats. Those who attended the festival appreciated the food offering, but overwhelmingly asked for more choices. One of the special selling points of the Plumas Homegrown Americana Festival is the local hospitality visitors experienced. For that reason, organizers believe that a variety of foods, offered by local non-profits, would be a great way to fill the food need, as well as show off the friendliness of local organizations.

This strategy is used to great success at other events in California. Groups offer a single specialty item, which reduces the strain on the organization’s resources. There is less waste, less training and lower up-front costs when a group is not tackling a larger menu. Look for booths offering tacos, deli sandwiches, tri tip plates, baked goods, salads, chili, paella, or even pork chops on a stick. By keeping most commercial vendors out of the event, it gives each organization a chance to make some money, especially as the event grows. If there is robust participation from local groups, organizers plan on making this a permanent feature of the festival.

Any group that has a mission that benefits the community can participate. Interested parties are urged to contact John Steffanic at the Plumas Sierra County Fairgrounds, 283-6272 or visit the Plumas Homegrown Americana Festival webpage; The 2018 festival will be held at the Plumas Sierra County Fairgrounds on Labor Day Weekend, August 31-September 2.