Carrie’s Decorative Corner 12/6/17

by: Carrie A. Blakley

Did you ever look at someone’s holiday decorations, and wonder how they got all of that glittery perfection finished just a few days after Thanksgiving…and then wonder how much time is actually involved in creating that wonderful festive scene…in every square inch of their home? Yeah, me neither. Quite frankly, I never wondered about it because I was far to amazed to ask. Some people are just really good at getting everything decorated to pieces for the winter holiday season. I am not one of those people. Years ago, I was one of those people. So much so that by the time the Sun set on the say after Thanksgiving, my entire home looked like it just got dipped in holiday frosting, and sent through the sparkle machine. We spend a tremendous amount of everything to try and ensure that everyone we know has the perfect holiday season. However, here are some interesting statistics about Christmas that we’re probably blissfully unaware of.

Approximately 71% of people plan to shop on line this year, with a whopping 45% planning on doing all of their shopping on line. 51% of people still enjoy getting handwritten holiday cards (via US Postal service, or otherwise). 32% of people plan on spending more this year, than they did last year, on holiday gift purchases. Only 13% of people prefer e-cards to real cards in the post. Good news for the environmentalists, is in the fact that 98% of all Christmas trees are grown on farms, and 93% of real Christmas trees are recycled. Also good news, is that over 46 million Christmas tree seedlings were planted last year by US tree farmers/growers, with slightly over 350,000 acres of land being used strictly for the growth of Christmas trees, thereby employing an estimated 100,000 people throughout the year. Back in 2012, 24.5 million real trees were purchased for a total of 1.01b USD. You’ll probably be interested in knowing that Oregon is the leading producer of both Noble and Douglas fir trees, while North Carolina is the leading producer of Frasier fir trees.

So, deck the halls, the stalls, the walls….and spare no expense about it. Wait, actually, do spare some expense. Look, as much fun as this time of year is, people have this odd habit of bringing themselves to the brink of total collapse by the end of the month. Stop. Breathe. Relax. Rest. This time of year is, unfortunately, also one of the most stressful times of the year. Please stop and take time for yourself. Give yourself a time out with a good book, a soft blanket and a nice drink. Take naps. Take hot baths. Do not let yourself get stressed out any more than you can currently handle. Not only is it not healthy for your body, but it is also not healthy for your mind, or your soul. So, this week…enjoy the holiday times, but also remember to enjoy some good rest and relaxation!