Rural Economics 12/6/17

In Lassen County, 72 percent of voters chose Donald Trump in the November 2016 presidential election. Since then, progressives in this rural Northern California county have found their voices, starting the grassroots Lassen Indivisibles and establishing a Democratic Committee to organize resistance to Trump’s agenda. On Saturday, about 20 people turned out to protest the tax cut bill, joined by Congressional candidate Marty Walters and waving colorful signs at passing motorists in Susanville.

“This tax bill will add at least one trillion dollars to our national debt, even with the rosiest economic assumptions,” said Walters, “and that will be a debt our children and grandchildren will have to fix. Most of us living in California will end up paying higher taxes to subsidize millionaires and large corporations.”

In a November 20 press release, incumbent Congressman Doug LaMalfa stated, “We are delivering on the promise we made to the American people to make paying taxes fair and simple.” Despite his promise to deliver tax cuts to most families in his district, many Northern Californians are concerned about how the elimination of important deductions will affect them, like those for state and local taxes, tuition and student loan expenses.

Democratic challengers to LaMalfa, including Walters, will be visiting Susanville on December 17, 2017 for a candidate forum. The event will take place at the Veteran’s Memorial Hall at 1 p.m.

Marty Walters for Congress

Marty Walters is running for Congress to represent one of California’s largest and most rural districts, the First Congressional District, to give voice to our unique views and needs. She is running on a platform of building new rural economies, including better internet for rural people. A key aspect of our new rural economy is managing our forests and watersheds for fire resilience and sustainable water, timber, and recreational use. Walters will also work to develop roadmap toward single payer healthcare.

Walters is the first candidate for federal office from Plumas County, California.