Wednesday December 6, 2017

Mark your calendars for Saturday December 16th for the Sierra City Community Christmas Potluck and Children’s Nativity Scene. Santa Claus has promised to once again attend.  Turkey and ham will be provided, bring a dish to share.

If you are looking for road information and/or what roads are not being plowed in Sierra County click on the link.

So, I’m taking a deep breath this week and trying to pretend everything is okay. We all know it isn’t, but then sometimes it is good to take a break and just think for a minute of what can we do to make things better. There is no easy solution. It is apparent the current political makeup of our representatives is not good for the middle income, poverty stricken, elderly and the young starting out. Women have taken a giant step in taking charge of their lives in the workplace and it seems it would be good for everyone to learn how stepping up, speaking out and listening to what our politicians say would be a good thing and understanding what they mean and how it will affect us is critical. Because we are told something will be good for us doesn’t insure it will be,  I guess paying attention to who someone is buddies with is important, if all your friends are rich and greedy what does that say about you…. more importantly him…. darn it … where is that deep breath. get involved, make sure you are registered to vote, pass a petition around, gather people and plan some action, whatever we do we cannot continue to be passive as we (we being American citizens) walk compliantly down this road to ruin of the American way of life.

The photo this week caught my eye and I was given permission by professional photographer Jillian Mildred Singleton to publish it.  This link will take you to articles published this week