Weekly Warrior by: Sierra Folsom 12/13/17

Hello readers! On November 28 the DHS Junior Varsity basketball team played their second game against the Loyalton Junior Varsity team. We had a great game and got great practice for the season ahead. The boys’ basketball team played in a three-day tournament in Westwood on November 30 through December 2. The first game was against Redding Christian. Our team played very hard. The second game was against Greenville, and again, the team played a great game but did not come up with the win. The last game was against Herlong. Our team won the game thanks to everyone’s great shooting. Arroyo Campbell scored the most, with 12 points and Robert Baker shot 100% of his field goals.
During Holiday on Main on December 2, the elementary classes performed in the Yuba Theatre and the traditional holiday baked goods auction followed. The younger classes sang Christmas songs and the fourth, fifth and sixth graders performed A Christmas Carol. The play was very entertaining! Natalie Rust played a very funny Scrooge and everyone was great! The auction benefited the Artist in Schools Program and raised about $1500! Thank you to everyone who contributed baked goods and/or bid on them.
Mrs. Bosworth’s K-3 students have been focusing on respecting others and their beliefs. The first graders are learning how to subtract and the third graders are learning to multiply. The class has been learning about reindeer and different celebrations around the world.
Miss Maire’s students have been very busy these past weeks. The fourth, fifth and sixth graders have been learning about literary genre and the states and have been practicing punctuation. The class recently finished their literature circle, in which they read Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and Return of the Indian. In math the class is learning more about model drawing.
The Life Science class has been studying bacteria in nature and in Earth Science the students have been learning about glaciers and weathering. All math classes have been practicing point slope form. The culinary class is focusing on making candy.
In US History the class is learning about urbanization and immigration during the nineteenth century. The eighth grade US History class is studying the Louisiana Purchase and learning about Lewis and Clark. The World History students are studying the French Revolution. In Future Focus the class is researching careers.
CSF and CJSF members are sewing pillowcases for pediatric patients as a service project. These pillowcases will be donated to kids at the Sierra Nevada Memorial Hospital and UC Davis. The fabric used was donated by community members and was cut and sewn by students.
December 22 is a minimum day and the start of the two-week holiday break. Classes resume on Monday, January 8 and on Tuesday, January 9th there is a home basketball game at 5:30 against Princeton.
Have a great week.

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