Wednesday December 20, 2017

Enjoy Carols and Candlelight in the Mountains Friday Evening, December 22, 2017 7:00 p.m. to 8 p.m. Sierra City Community Church

Gradations in case you wonder what Tom Hastings gradations mean..

The Downieville High School Basketball Schedule 2017is available right here, just click on the blue to go to the website.

So five days away will be Christmas and I really want everyone to have a happy, merry, safe holiday with family and friends. It’s a good time to take a breath and relax. Somehow we must pay attention to what is happening around us with healthcare, larger deficits and loose regulations in the health, pharmaceutical, environment and work places. We all hope for the best and believe sanity and democracy will reign just don’t forget it is up to us, you and me, to keep our country great and not let it trickle down the drain drip by drip. And amazingly after writing this I found this article and thought… yep it ain’t good.

Read every thing this week, the Mountain Messenger (paper version) where you will find the news about the Board of Supervisors but if all else fails listen to the recording of the meeting, it really tells us a lot about local government. Sooo…interesting. And of course Carrie’s Corner, Carol’s Movies, Sheriff’s Log. Are you ready for the Plumas Sierra Fair 2018 there’s news here In addition to reading Tom Hasting read Rivera Sun, Mel Gurtov and Kary Love for words that feed the brain and make us think.

Oh one last thing, are you new to Sierra County, just started work here, wondering how you got yourself into this reality or real rural life, we know how to help you, get involved, the volunteer fire departments need you as firefighters, dispatchers, EMTs, and the best thing is we train you, maybe you’ll discover you love the work and end as a professional, meanwhile it is a great way to get to make friends, meet neighbors and find out how lucky we are to be living in a place like Sierra County.  So for Downieville or Sierra City call 530 289-3333 and find out when the next training meeting is, come on now and make some friends, enjoy camaraderie and maybe save some lives

The photo this week is from Christmas with Blue Ellison at the Hennessy House in Sierra City, we miss you Tom Hennessy and here is a special treat just for you…

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