Mountain Happy Messenger 12/27/17

It’s the last issue of 2017 for the Mountain Messenger on Thursday, I can hardly wait, you see the “Mess” as we locals fondly call it, is one of the most exciting thing that happens every week in Sierra County. The fact that there is a real paper newspaper to held in our hands to read every single week of the year is absolutely amazing. In 1991 Huell Howser filmed a show for California Gold and he was astounded that just two women were responsible for the gathering news, selling ads, production, printing and distribution, well here we are 36 years later and there are now still just two people, Jill and Don doing it all. Oh sure there are the hanger ons, I mean hard workers Milly, Penelope, Jillian, Carl, Scott, Brutus, Angela, Carrie, Belle and all those wonderful people who buy ads in the paper and subscriptions to allow some of them to buy gas and groceries. So I am really looking forward to 2018 and all the new news.

Send anything you need published to Milly, the CEO and most important person in the office, at or you may call directly to 530 289-3262 and talk to Don, (and suggest he give a raise to Jill, Milly’s secretary). For a subscription: send in as below or call 530 289-3262 with credit card in hand.. Write to Don Russell at and tell him you subscribed because you read about it on Sierra County Prospect…..

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