Be Encouraged 12/27/17

by Angela Collier

Thoughts for the new year! Find something that makes you excited to jump out of bed each morning. What makes you come alive? For me it is song writing, and dancing. Learn something new this year! I’m learning how to box. Got gloves, heavy bag and ready to go! Don’t throw in the towel but adapt!

While I can’t do certain abdominal exercises, I am exploring alternative ways to get shredded. Still have the goal to look the absolute best by 45 (two birthdays from now) and excuses won’t get there. Remember money is a tool to pay bills and help others. It’s okay to have things, but don’t let things have you. While money is great, it can’t buy love, it can’t bring someone back or cure every disease so be wise but don’t be greedy. We can’t take money with us and remember God is our ultimate security. We can be poor one day and rich the next and certainly vice versa. Don’t judge people on the basis of how much money they have, but their heart.

Christians remember, there are things we may want in life but cannot have or cannot participate in due for no other reason than IT WILL break God’s heart. Every temptation is common to man, but we don’t have to give in. People are going to judge you no matter what, live your life for God, not for the people. John the Baptist was serious, no fun, no drinks, preaching all day and he had critics. Jesus danced, drank, went to everyone’s house, the man kids ran to, and He was criticized. Lesson here is you will never win with some folks, their loss. Being good doesn’t get you to heaven, believing in Jesus does.

HOWEVER you may want to at least try to act right and be a noble soul as we will meet our Maker one day. PLEASE NOTE: Being kind five minutes to an hour a week to those across the street, in a different office, home, or being nice at the post office, the grocery store and where you volunteer, is not a real representation of who you are. God sees through the crap. Who are you to the people you actually live with? Work with? 8? 12? 24 hrs a day? Who are you when no one is watching? That is who you are. Act like a devil- you will be labeled as such. Don’t want to be demonized? Don’t be a demon.

In all honesty, in almost ten years of marriage, my highest expectations and hopes were placed in these last four years for a variety of reasons. It has been the biggest lesson in how to live and prosper under the severest of severe disappointments without becoming bitter and letting the enemy steal my joy. Maybe the upcoming election will change all of that but even if it doesn’t people will still reap what they sow and we are still responsible for our own happiness. It was not always easy writing over 100 Be Encouraged Columns over the last four years with the stuff our family has dealt with, but I refuse to let the enemy win. Remember the biggest way to fight is on your knees in prayer. If God has given you a position of power, use it to do good. In the darkest sky- shine the brightest stars. Be thankful for the stars God brings you, God gave me a handful of folks that immediate bring a smile to my face to offset the bad apples, and when I have the means, they will be rewarded. Remember those who were your friends when you had little to give, or when it was unpopular to side with you. These are the folks I will remember. Don’t let bad folks rent space in your head or in your home. Certain names are off limits in my house, they don’t get the air time. Be picky about who you let round your table, especially social media.

And lastly, we only have this one life. You will never be here again. Resolve to do good! Shine bright! Much was accomplished when I was off the internet for a few months, 20 plus ukulele songs, worked on the piano a bit, homeschooling, more cleaning got done (ha ha)…and most importantly growing closer with the Lord in my devotional time. I challenge you to try unplugging from social media for a time. It will be weird at first, but I promise it will be worth it. You will learn to be present in the moment and what is truly important will have your attention. Happy 2018! God is good! Always!

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