Wednesday December 27. 2017


Almost to the end of 2017 and I am hoping 2018 will be less painful, more hopeful and optimistic for us all, it hasn’t been a good year for many unless of course you have lots of investments in Wall St., meanwhile be healthy, take care of family, friends and community, find some fun, laughter, happiness, love and peace. Be Kind.

Our columnists this week  Lisa Fuller, Tom Hastings have our weekly brain food. Be Encouraged by Angela Collier has written her end of year and will be on sabbatical for a few months, Carrie’s Corner helps us be sane, I think, the Sheriff’s Log lets us know what kind of crime is happening and whether the bears have gone to sleep, and then of course there is all the local news and things to do. I won’t be publishing again until next year (don’t worry, that’s next week). Have a Happy New Year, stay safe and sane and no driving under the influence of anything, keep your family and friends healthy and safe. Be Kind.

I’m wondering how we, as humans, stewards of this planet. are able to justify doing whatever we want without care or concern for other lifeforms. There are so many examples to use of the symbiotic ties between humans and all other living things it is tough to decide how to demonstrate just how destructive we are too our only home and our lives. What made this an issue forefront in my thoughts this week is news of the Trump administration eliminating and loosening EPA regulations that protect migratory birds and other wildlife. We will soon be the last species on a used an abused earth. Loss of habitat, over hunting, climate change and just the common everyday careless use of insecticide, killing bats, snakes, insects, mosquitos, ants-  they all have a purpose, part of the food chain, part of life, beauty, wonder and joy… killing them changes the course of history until there is no one to care about history. I have heard the argument it is the deity’s choice who survives, and we are here to worship the diety and therefore we are the only species that counts. Does this even make sense? Why would we want to worship a diety whose sole aim is to reward those who worship, seems fairly selfish to me. It seems as though our priorities have lost their way and presently having the most things at whatever cost is what counts as value. As a New Year’s thought this year maybe something as easy and simple as killing one less ant could be beginning a new mindfulness about who we are, by allowing the other lifeforms to have their lives too. Everything you do matters. We may have forgotten ,as Johann Gottlieb Fichte (1800) said that “you could not remove a single grain of sand from its place without thereby … changing something throughout all parts of the immeasurable whole”. We must not forget, as the men in the White House are only focused on success measured in power and money. It is up to us, rational humans, to keep the world alive and healthy.

The photo this week was taken by Lee Adams on November 6, 2017, no snow since… Jenny Varn do the snow dance!

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