Asher Corvin Fillo 1/10/18

Asher Corvin Fillo, son of Jeremiah and Maryal Fillo, was born at Doctor’s Hospital in Modesto at 4:54 pm on November 9, 2017. He weighed 8 pounds an measured 20 inches. Paternal grandparents Steve and Lynn Fillo of Sierra City and maternal Grandmother Mary Montemayor of Sacramento were  on hand to welcome Asher and celebrate his birth. Asher is currently exploring his home in Arnold, CA where both his parents are familypractice Doctors. Oh boy, he’s finally here! Welcoming little Asher to the world…see photo here… baby fillo, 1:11

2 thoughts on “Asher Corvin Fillo 1/10/18

  1. Dear Lord, woman! Edit, edit, proof & edit!! And crop, too. Sheesh! And noooo this doesn’t need to be a public comment. 😊

    • Mea culpa, I was rushed, stressed and just didn’t want to leave Asher’s birth unannounced, for some reason I was unable to convert his photo to a jpeg so posted the link as that appeared to work, my apology to beautiful baby Asher and his wonderful happy parents… as for you – Magnificent Milly – thank you for bringing this to my attention.

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