Wednesday January 10, 2018

Get ready for the Burning TreeFest in Downieville at the Gold Rush Park at noon Saturday January 13th, Hot chocolate, hot dogs, cookies and community fun. Contrary to rumor we are not roasting goats. The goats are safe.

Make your reservations for the Sierra City Crab Feed, tickets go quick, call Mary Ervin at 862-1173 for reservations, tickets.

Check out the Bridgeport News SYRSP Newsletter right here.

I’ve been thinking about the #MeToo movement over the past few weeks and although I applaud the women who are speaking up, it does give me an edgy feeling of trepidation as all these male “scoundrels” lose their jobs, reputations, lives without any sort of due process. Yes, some of the allegations and charges border on criminal behavior and there is a legal process and we are all innocent till proven guilty… aren’t we? I am a woman and I have been in the midst of misogynism behavior and inappropriate behavior in the workplace, it’s happened to me and I have seen it happen to female co-workers. I’ve also seen women tell inappropriate jokes and act in ways to cause inappropriate response. I worked for a telephone company in the 60’s where the female supervisor required her group of clerical female workers to raise their hands for permission to go on a bathroom break. I think through everyone’s life you can be a victim or a survivor, I chose survival. I did speak up for myself. I also told an employer in the construction industry that he should not give me the same Xmas bonus as a male co-worker but I should get less, because I knew in that industry at that time (70’s when often at Pre-job conferences with agencies I would be the only woman in the room), it would only cause me grief working with the male employees if I was given the same bonus as them. Yes, it is time for men to adapt but this shouldn’t be done out of fear, or the need to treat us with kid gloves. It should be done out of equal treatment for all and respect. Equal pay, yes but don’t forget the seniority, experience and production that allows for different scales of pay. Just because I am a woman does not make me worthier… it depends on the individual and a fair employment workplace.

This week we have Carrie’s Corner, Sheriff’s Log, news, events, words of wisdom from Tom Hastings, Robert Koehler, Kevin Martin, Gabe Murphy and a letter from Afghanistan.

So this weeks photo is of a painting by local artist B.J. Jordan, this doesn’t do it justice so make sure you check out B.J.’s paintings at the Gallery when it reopens this Spring.

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