FireHouse News 2/7/18

ALLEGHANY: January 29, firefighter training. January 30, Advanced Emergency Medical Technician (AEMT) class in Downieville.
CALPINE: February 1, business meeting.
CAMPTONVILLE: Nothing reported.
DOWNIEVILLE: Jan 29, dispatcher meeting. January 30, AEMT class. February 1, firefighter training on fire fighting related subject.
LOYALTON: Mon 29 Jan County, West of Loyalton Medical Severe neck pain could not rise, assist ambulance Mon 29 Jan 6:30P City of Loyalton, Station #1 Training Fire behavior, ventilation & extinguishment theory Wed 31 Jan 11:00A County, South of Loyalton Medical Victim of fall, assist ambulance Wed 31 Jan 9:45P City of Loyalton Medical Possible stroke, assist ambulance & helicopters Thu 01 Feb 4:20P County, West of Loyalton Medical Party fell could not get up, assist ambulance Fri 02 Feb 5:55P City of Loyalton Medical Subject with severe influenza, assist ambulance Sat 03 Feb 12:45A Community of Sierra Brooks Medical Party with chest pain, assist ambulance                                                                                                               PIKE CITY: January 30, AEMT class in Downieville. February 1, vehicle extrication training.
SATTLEY: February 1, business meeting.
SIERRA CITY: Not a single spark reported.
SIERRAVILLE: February 1, business meeting. February 4, responded to single vehicle roll-over.


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