Guided Snowshoe Tours 2/7/18

Almanor District continuing guided snowshoe tours

Chester, Calif. — The Almanor Ranger District is continuing to schedule their annual guided snowshoe tours for this winter season. The next tour will be on Feb. 9. These tours are offered to the general public, community and school groups. Snowshoes for these tours are provided free of charge. The tours are geared for beginners but can be strenuous depending on terrain and snow powder conditions. Tours take place in the surrounding Lassen National Forest, but locations vary depending on current snow conditions. A variety of topics are covered during the one to two-hour program, including basic winter survival skills, environmental education and local history. If requested, programs can be tailored to include the California State Standards for environmental education. Charter schools, home schools, and other adventurous groups are encouraged to call for group reservations Tuesdays through Thursdays.

A great way to enjoy the winter season is by exploring your national forest on snowshoes. Floating over the snow on snowshoes among snow-laden trees, with animal tracks to follow and the quiet of a snow-hushed forest is a magical experience.

Remaining 2018 Winter Snowshoe Tour Schedule (Times to be announced)
· Friday, Feb. 9
· Friday, Feb. 23

All tour programs require reservations. To reserve your spot or get more information about our snowshoe program contact Carlos Holguin, Visitor Information Services at (530) 258-2141 or by email at:

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