Carol’s Movies 2/7/18

Maudie –  An arthritic Nova Scotia woman works as a housekeeper while she hones her skills as an artist and eventually becomes a beloved figure in the community. Director: Aisling Walsh Writer:  Sherry White Stars: Sally Hawkins, Ethan Hawke, Zachary Bennett

Carol Marshall

Carol Says: Why Sally Hawkins and Ethan Hawke were not nominated for an award for this movie is beyond me. What an excellent movie and especially Sally’s acting is memorable .

The movie is based on the true story of Maud Lewis . Maud has some physical disabilities and is a quiet, reserved person. Not socially matured I guess you could say. I’m not sure of the exact words one would use . And, I think it is more that she was extremely shy as opposed to socially matured. That is what I am going with – extremely shy.

Maud meets her husband by way of becoming his housekeeper. Maud has a passion for painting and becomes a local folk artist. He has a few anger issues and it seems growing up in the orphanage he has led to some social issues.

They find each other and it is a beautiful story of their relationship and their love developing. It’s a quiet story that takes its time to develop. And so worth watching.

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