Fire in Sierra City 2/7/18

Sierra City VFD, Downieville VFD & Ambulance, Sierra County FD#1, Camptonville, UDFS E31, Calfire, Sierra County Sheriff, CHP Sierra County equipment and personnel,  PG&E,  Sierra City Waterworks and AT&T all responded to a structure fire in downtown Sierra City Wednesday morning, and although one structure was lost, thanks to the incredible response of all our volunteers other structures and surrounding land was spared with minimal damage. Chief Davey and Chief Lozano thank everyone including Jadaa’s Kitchen, Red Moose Cafe, Mary Davey and those who pitched to give food and water to the firefighters  Photos taken by Don Russell and Milly.

More photos from the Sierra County Sheriff Tim Standley below:  In addition to Sierra City VFD, Sierra County Fire (Sierraville & Calpine), Downieville VFD, Camptonville VFD, USFS Engine 31 out of Camptonville, and a County water truck responded along with Dep. Rust and CHP Kostik for traffic control. PG&E also responded for the power. Supervisor Huebner and Larry Breed from the Sierra Country Store also lent a hand. Hopefully I got everybody. It was another excellent coordination of mutual response and only one minor injury due to smoke inhalation from my understanding.  Sgt Anderson

5 thoughts on “Fire in Sierra City 2/7/18

  1. We are so sorry for our neighbors’ loss of their historic family home. We are grateful that the nearby homes were saved, and the tree fires were stopped.

  2. My heart is heavy for the families effected. Prayer and positive energy going out. We are thinking about u and your family Johnette.


  3. I just want to thank all those who helped in saving our small home in Sierra City. You folks are wonderful!
    Steven Flemming & Barbara Scott

  4. Seth Skaufel, newcomer to Sierra City, fought the fire. Just went down to help and they put him to work. He is Kortney Stringer’s brother and Aaron Stringer’s brother in law.

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