Wednesday February 7, 2018

Let me see, what is going on this week, just a beautiful weekend without rain or snow forecast, darn it.  Coyoteville for breakfast and lunch, Jadaa’s and St Charles for evening food and lunch too maybe, everyone has different hours in the middle of winter. Don’t forget Cabin Fever Spaghetti Feed Saturday February 17th at 5 p.m. and then at 7:30 go to the Yuba Theatre for the Home Grown Talent Open Mic & Open Stage.

In case you were not aware…  Calpine will​ be​ represented in the winter Olympics!!!
Yes​,​ Mark Engel​,​ Slalom Skier from right here in our little town will be going for ​G​old in
S Korea!! Good luck Mark!! We will be watching! Go Team USA!!!!! You​’​r​e ​​putting Calpine on the map!!! from Cheryl Asher

Today there was a fire in Sierra City, (see photos this issue no one was injured and only one structure was burned with some damage to an adjacent oneBut the response from all our volunteers was amazing. Thank your volunteers they spent the day keeping our community alive, the best way to thank them is to join in, become a volunteer in any way you can, Firefighter, EMT, Dispatcher, Driver, Paper Pusher, there are enumerable volunteer jobs in Sierra County, the county runs on volunteers with a little assistance from the Sheriff’s Office, Public Works and surrounding communities who send their volunteers when we need them just as when we go to their aid…

I am dismayed at the tRump wanting to have a military parade in Washington, DC, the only reason I believe is to show Putin and Kim Jong un that his toys are bigger than theirs and that is insane. There is no reason to have this kind of display. we should not lower our standards to those of dictorships and countries who do not believe in the freedoms are country stands. Stay on the high road and tRump be damned, he apparently has no understanding of what really makes America great.

So read Carrie’s Corner and our columnists Jose-Antonio Orosco, Tom Hastings and Robert Koehler, Rivera Sun, Robert Dodge and Tom Hastings, It really helps to get information from sources throughout the country to grasp some of the really odd events happening in government and politically since the November 2016 election, we need to stay alert, pay attention and speak up. The Board of Supervisors met on Tuesday, they recognized the new group of Advanced EMT’s with a Resolution. You will have to listen to the Board on the County website as due to my volunteer duties today I was unable to do that for you, and you can also read the Mountain Messenger but listening to the Board meeting is really fun, your own personal podcast of what your representatives are doing for our county.

The photo this week is by Steve Peterson in the Sierra Valley and it is a photo of his favorite bird, also known as an Eagle.

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