On the Shelf with Paul 9/11/19

Issue 2019 – 15
Book Review
When participants in the Two Rivers Reading Club (Downieville and Sierra City Libraries’ summer reading program) reach the Canada Goose level (the fourth level out of five), they are invited to write a book review for this column. Macie Prince achieved that level, and this is her review of Lisa Schroeder’s See You On a Starry Night:

“You never know what a girl’s dream would be, until you meet Julie. She loves to do art and her favorite artist was Vincent van Gogh and she also loves to meet new people. A week later she had just found out that she was moving, and she was very upset and happy at the same time. Julie was upset because she was going to leave all her friends. Then she was happy because she got to meet new people. Before she left her friends had a sleepover with Julie so that made her feel better. When she was driving to her new house she was happy. When Julie was 6 years old her parents split up. When she got to her new house, she started to think about now she lives 5 hours away from her dad.
A few days later after things got settled, she started school and she loved it. She met a lot of new people. Julie lived right on the beach, so she would get to walk on the beach after school. One day she found this club that her friend that she met at school was there. Julie walked over there, and they were selling little bottles that had shells and so she bought one. The people that worked there said ‘Would you like to join the sunny beach club?” Julie went home to ask her mom if she could join the sunny beach club, so her mom said “Yes”, and she was so excited.
A week later they started to do the club, so she spent the night at her friend’s house. They met this guy that is a librarian and so they went to check out a book and he said to Julie and her friend that they could have a free library card. They came back the next day to see if he was still there, and he was so they went to talk to him and he was very nice. He was telling them that his wife was really sick. The girls said that they felt really bad. The next day they had the sunny beach club so they were talking about what they were going to sell next. They did this fundraiser for their school.
Later that evening the librarian’s wife passed away so they made him a pie and were really kind to him. They put together a little party for him. He was very thankful. The sunny beach club had ended. School had ended and it was summer break. She now loves to surf, and she loved her summer break.
I recommend reading this book because it was fun to read and very inspiring. It was inspiring because it told you how to be yourself and to do what you like. I think you should read this book.”

New on the Shelf
More fiction books have come into the library, and now are available to one and all:
Deep in the Forest, by Bud Buczkowske
The Old Romantic, by Louise Dean
He Who Fears the Wolf, by Karin Fossum (mystery)
The Quiet American, by Graham Greene
The Lady of the Rivers, by Philippa Gregory
Fortune’s Daughter, by Alice Hoffman
Charming Billy, by Alice McDermott (winner of 1998 National Book Award for fiction)
Night Train to Lisbon,by Pascal Mercier
Butterflies in November, by Audur Ava Olafsdottir
Henry, Himself, by Steward O’Nan
The Flight Portfolio, by Julie Orringer
The Overstory, by Richard Powers (winner of 2019 Pulitzer Prize for fiction)
Normal People, by Sally Rooney

Also, Plumas County Library has sent several mystery books by Tahoe-area author Todd Borg: Tahoe Avalanche, Tahoe Blowup, Tahoe Hijack, Tahoe Ice Grave, Tahoe Kill Shot, and Tahoe Trap.

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