Weekly Warrior by Esmeralda Nevarez

September 9th, 2019

Hello Downieville Community. I hope we all had a wonderful summer and Labor Day. Our school sessions Started August 28, 2019. This year we are fortunate and happy to add four additional staff members Brittany Steward, Patrick Wilson, Niecea Freeman, and Shelly Fischer. 

Patrick Wilson is our Kindergarten and 1st graders teacher. He had a cookie party with his class. They did cookie math, cookie art and other fun cookie activities. A little background on Mr. Wilson and Ms. Freeman. They lived in the Czech Republic teaching the subject English. They are currently living in Loyalton and driving to Downieville. Mr. Wilson said he is happy to be back in America.

We are glad to have Mrs. Bosworth back to teach our 2nd and 3rd graders. In the morning she has 12 students with her 2nd and 3rd graders. In the afternoon the 1st graders join here and she has a total of 17 kids. The kids are very excited to have  Goldfish as their class pets. Currently the students are practicing their stamina for silent reading. They have also completed their Star Testing. Their school garden is also growing they have 2 pumpkins and are hoping that they will be ready by halloween.

Niecea Freeman is our new 4-6 grade teacher. She is going to start having a Student of the Week. The kids are happy to be heading to Headlands on October 1st for a great experience. They are also learning about California missionaries and are hoping to stop by and visit some Missions on the way to Headlands.

Mrs. Fillo is very happy about the start of the new school year. She loves the leadership of the upperclassmen. She is also excited to head to Ashland, Oregon with the 10-12 graders to watch Alison and Wonderland and McBeth. She said that she is very delighted about the new t-shirt design. 

The Mountain Bike team has already started riding. Their first race was at North Tahoe High and this past weekend they are going to Sparks to race. The Team built by the coach Peter Sainsbury, the assistant coach Jared Donahue, coordinators Amber Sainsbury and Jojo Donovan, Mechanics Evan and Jared, Kurt as Jacob Sainsbury said, “the mascot, trail whisperer, and training coordinator.” and our 2 riders Jesse Folsom and Jacob Sainsbury.

Our new volleyball team is also very happy to announce their first game is September 19 at the DHS Gymnasium against Providence. We hope to see many of you there to support our new team. The volleyball team consists of Autumn LongMcGie our coach, John Smith the Assistant coach and the player, Bailey Miller, Mia Martinelli, Gillian Rust, Isabel LongMcGie, Eliane Campbell, Sierra Folsom, Katie Epps, and Esmeralda Nevarez. They are all very excited to bring volleyball back to Downieville High. 

Some announcements- Back to School Night is September 18th. There will be a dinner at 5pm and Downieville School will open at 6pm for the parents to talk to their student’s teachers. Book Fair will start on September 16th-20th open at 7:45am – 8:05am and 11:55pm – 12:15pm. And as I already mentioned our first home volleyball game will be the 19th of this month.

Thank you to the community for always supporting Downieville School. We hope to see you all through the school year at volleyball & basketball games, carnivals, and dinners. Have a wonderful rest of your day. WE ARE GOLDEN!!