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Contact info for SCP:

News: Send an email to:

News releases and guest editorials are welcome.

Emergency calls:

If you need to reach SCP immediately, you can do so by calling 530-289-3632.

Press Releases: welcomes press releases. Standard press release format is encouraged as your press release may be published unedited using your organization’s byline. If you have a website, please include the URL. Submissions must be in electronic format. Please attach electronic photos/graphics with your press release.

Guest Editorials:

Submissions must be by email and must include your real name, city, state and telephone number. Telephone numbers and email addresses will not be published.


If your letter is selected for publication, it will be posted as received (including misspellings and grammatical errors). Spell check is a good idea.

Content: follows a strict civility policy. During the election season, you are welcome to submit letters of support for candidates. will not publish any opinion that denigrates anyone on the basis of race, religion, gender, or sexual orientation. protects the right of privacy of non-public figures as defined by professional media associations and media law.

8 thoughts on “Contact Us Info

  1. Dear Editor,

    I read that putting together a weekly news “paper” whether it be true paper pulp or electronic is one tough job. I appreciate your willingness to sacrifice yourself to this mighty endeavor. (Millie gets plaudits for getting that Mess out on practically her own.)

    Yes, this was a great edition. That is not just because you ran a great article on our son, TIm Guffin, and ran the article about the upcoming Downieville Library Community Read (“The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks”). You are a true investigative reporter. (You called and emailed TIm for more of the scoop.) You always have great pictures to start us off and your reporting about Sierra County government (which is not shut down) is very readable and astute (I like that word, astute.)

    We appreciate your efforts, my friend. I hope you put out many more editions.

    Linda Guffin

    • What a very nice thing to say. Liz is awesome & I appreciate all the help she gives to my dear friend, Milly, each week.

  2. The Downieville Steak House, GRUBSTEAK, will open May Day Look forward to seeing anyone and everyone, especially the Locals we appreciate your business and for you telling the tourist to visit us it is because of you that we are still here over a decade and plan on being here for more decades to come. We are starting out with a Skelton Crew, as time processes we will do the best we can do to keep every one Happy!, we wish nothing but the best for all the merchants in Sierra County, we are all in the same BOAT and being nice to each other works.. So wake up and join in with all the nice people.called the DIG group,,try it you might like it!!! Mary K. Potter

  3. LIZ

    Put EJ on you prospect, you know Loyalton Pharmacy, we need to buy local, also all the $ that is saved when you don’t have to make a trip to G V. I have been using them for over a decade they are the best, E.J. Knows how to help you, it does not get any better then this..

    Mary K.

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