Affordable Health Care: Speaker Frank Lang 8/15/12

The Downieville Lions Club members received a overview of the Affordable Healthcare Act from member and Director of the Western Sierra Health Clinic, Frank Lang,  at the  August 13 meeting.

Lang presented a slide show of the pertinent points of the Affordable Healthcare Act and it was clear that he felt there was no downside to the issue. It opened health care to many citizens who have been unable to receive medical treatment in the past due to pre-existing conditions, no insurance and low income.

Western Sierra Medical Clinic Director Frank Lang, FNP

“There is a lot of rhetoric out there,” said Lang, “that we can’t afford it, but the reality is we are already paying for it.” According to Lang the National Health Care Act will improve access to the medical system , this will prevent high cost illnesses and expensive trips to the emergency room that could have been prevented with lower cost medical intervention.

Lang said the AHCA was controversial but some of the reasons against the act were either misinformed or possibly resentful of poor folks getting care, or a change in the distribution of funds. The Western Sierra Medical Clinic is an excellent example of how the system will work. “At the clinic we believe everyone has the right to medical care,” stated Lang, “I’m going to take care of them whether they can pay or not.”

During the question session a member of the audience, Charles Ervin, asked Lang what he thought about the process, and the potential for some one in the bureacracy denying health care based on some issue like age. Lang responded, “we already have that process, an insurance company can deny payment for a process, but when the reasonable case facts are presented by a physician, it is rare to be denied, just like you Judge, when you get the reasonable testimony and hear the facts, you can make the right decision,” Lang continued, “I have never been denied after making the case to the insurance company.”

Lang made it clear he supported the change that we had a system for seniors, Medicare that was working very well and the only way the AHCA would be better is, if every citizen, no matter the age,  had access to the Medicare System.

Editorial Comment: I agree, a National Health Care System would be the best way to go.



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