Board of Supervisors – Tuesday October 16, 2012 in Loyalton

The Sierra County Board of Supervisors was called to order at 9 a.m. by Chair Peter Huebner. No public comments and no committee reports. During Department Manager’s Reports, Director of Health and Human Services, Janice Maddox introduced Kathryn Hill, MFT contract therapist who is also responsible for assisting with training staff on standards and case review and April Waldo, Behavioral Health Coordinator.

The first item on the Agenda was discussion and direction regarding Sierra County Mental Health becoming their own Mental Health Plan and becoming Medi-Cal Certified. County Counsel Jim Curtis suggested there were many pitfalls and side issues that could make this difficult but Director Maddox and Curtis agreed to take a month to gather more information on the issue and bring it back to the Board in November.

An agreement for psychologist services between Western Sierra Medical Clinic and Sierra County was approved unaminously by the four Supervisors in attendance. Supervisor Lee Adams was on vacation. The Board also approved an amendment to Agreement No 2012-081 for psychiatrist services between Eric Rubinstein MD and Sierra County.

Supervisor Huebner was reappointed to the Sierra County Independent Hearing panel for Local Solid Waste Enforcement for another four years as he has done an outstanding job the past four years.

Supervisor Huebner in Downieville

A request for a letter in support of the Sierra County Fire Safe and Watershed Council’s application for funding under Propposition 84, “The Upper Long Valley Creek Agricultural Lands Improvement Project” became part of a letter from the Board prioritizing three requests for Prop 84 funds.

Supervisor Nunes said the State is asking for Boards opinion on Prop 84 projects and “we need to give credibility in our answer”. Nunes explained they most likely can’t fund all of the requests and the County needs to prioritize.

The Sierra Valley Resource Conservation District (SVRCD) for funding entitled “The Sierra Valley Agricultural Water Quality and Habitat Enhancement Project” was rated the first priority.

Gale Dupree, Chair of the SVRCD addresses Board on Prop 84 Funds.

The second priority was the application for the Plumas-Sierra County Agricultural Commissioner for funding under Proposition 84 for prevention and abatement of noxious weeds in Plumas and Sierra Counties.

Agriculture & Standards Inspector Tim Gibson tells Board why Star Thistle is being treated like a class A noxious weed in Plumas and Sierra Counties.

County consultant Craig Morgan, Principal Engineer with AVALEX, INC talked to the Board about the problems with the Loyalton Landfill and the various issues surrounding the closure, permitting and regulatory issues the County is facing. The Board was considering sending a letter to Governor Brown asking for relief or intervention from the forced Loyalton landfill closure was under discussion. A letter outlining the long process of what has happened and possible future issues was discussed, see letter here Landfill Issues 10-16-12 It was decided not to turn this into a political issue by involving the Governor and to continue working with the Regional Water Quality Control Board and the Air Quality Management District.

The continuing discussion on the General Plan amendment/zoning code revision from the September 18 and October 2, 2012 meetings went on for an interminally  long time. At times during the discussion it appeared that County Counsel Jim Curtis had taken on the role of Planning Director as he talked the most about how things should be in his opinion. Of course his opinion is normally directed by legal matters, but this seemed to be purely political as Jim himself said the route taken, “depends on political will of the Board.” As the county counsel continued to advise the Board on what to do, one wondered if maybe the county counsel could do it all and save salaries of Board members and Planning directors.

Supervisor Bill Nunes said, “it’s not about opening the Lakes Basin” (to development) “it’s about the County finally saying what it is and what you can’t do in the Lakes Basin.” After a pause he added, “and the next Board should do that.”

Supervisor Scott Schlefstein said, “Jim said the problem is self inflicted”, he continued, “why not toss the Master Plan out and just have some rules for private property owners, throw it out and proceed again.”

Supervisor Dave Coicoechea wondered, why the county counsel was taking over this conversation, “Scott wants to get rid of the Master Plan but that will open a can of worms.”

At one point Supervisor Nunes mentioned discussions about the zoning issues were done during Closed Sessions during a lawsuit brought against the county and it was difficult to discuss those discussions now. He suggested the timeframe was too long and maybe some public workshops could be lopped off. This didn’t go over well with Director Beals who mentioned he had reviewed the tapes of Supervisors discussing the General Plan since November 2011 and trying to compress the timeframe is not reasonable, and it would be inconsistent to lop off public workshops.

Somehow the Zoning Code Initiative entered the conversation and this was circled for quite awhile trying to decide if this initiative would increase the murky mess involved with the General Plan update and those who believe property owner rights supercede any other plan. Coicoechea referred to the “crazy initiative” as another problem that will cost the county money to determine what it’s affect would have on the county. After circling the drain several times the Board directed Planning Director Beals to speak to a consultant to determine the cost and time of having an independent analysis of the Initiative. It was pointed out by many that it isn’t just the Lakes Basin that has special use permits required, but also, wetlands, deer habitat, scenic corridors, special treatment areas that need to be addressed.

Once again this will come back before the Board. As a spectator I feel it is important that Sierra County residents pay attention to what is going on, we live in a spectacular county and if we want to continue having the life we enjoy we need to protect the areas that make this special. We already know the effects of overuse, just look at the Lake Tahoe area.

I forgot to mention that Sierraville Ranger Quentin Youngblood gave the Board an update, at the beginning of the meeting, on the Aspen Restoration Project and mentioned that Sierraville Ranger District is working with Sierra City on getting Christmas Trees permits for a project there.

A professional services agreement with MGE Engineering for construction engineering support services for the Ridge Road Project was immediately approved with a motion from Supervisor Nunes and second by Supervisor Coicoechea.

A discussion concerning the repairs to the Courthouse elevator tower and roof ensued with no dissension.

A Resolution was passed requiring County Managers and elected Department Heads to pay the employee portion of payment to PERS. It seems the department managers were willing to step up and do the right thing when it comes to bearing their share of the pain with employees on balancing the County budge.

Then it became the Board of Supervisors turn. There were two ordinance to vote on, one pertaining to the health insurance for County Supervisors (the Board) and another pertaining to payments into PERS by County Supervisors.  These became the subject of bickering as to how fair it was for the Board to bear their share of pain and apparently some Board members don’t think they need to step up. One issue was whether Supervisors Elect would be required to forfeit some benefits, at any rate the vote was 2-2 with Supervisors Huebner and Schlefstein voting No.


Board of Supervisors – Tuesday October 1, 2012 in Downieville

Sierra County Public Health will be giving flu vaccinations and mist:

Loyalton Schools 8:30am-11:30am Wednesday Oct 10th

Downieville School from 10am -Noon and at the Sierra City Library from 1:30pm -2:30pm Thursday Oct 11th

But Janice Maddox, Director of Health Services told the Board during her report if you have health insurance you must get your flu shot from your doctor, the Health Department can no longer give flu vaccinations  to people with insurance. (Someone who makes money on the production of vaccines must have complained).

Director Maddox tells Board, “no shots for you”.

Todd Hill from the Bureau of Reclamation appeared before the Board to talk about projects in Sierra County during the next couple of years. He informed the Board and then was directed to meet with Planning Director Tim Beals.

Bureau of Land Management representative Todd Hill

Tahoe National Forest District Ranger Genise Froelich was happy to inform the Board of three timber sales within the county. One near Goodyears Bar would involved helicopter logging and the company, Siler Bros would be looking for an agreement to use county property for a landing and loading site. It was pointed out this would result in less logging traffic on the community road within Goodyears.

Genice also mentioned TNF is working with Will Clark and Mike Galan to develop a way for people to come to Sierra County and cut their own Christmas Trees, a fun family holiday outing will be coordinated by local merchants.

Chair Peter Heubner reported the Economic Development Committee elected Pam Payen as Chair and Kathy Breed as Vice Chair who are also working on the Christmas Tree Project.

Chief Probation Officer Jeff Bosworth presented the Board with Agreements with California Dept of Correction and Rehabilitation for correctional bed space at fire camps for low level offenders and also for housing at CDCH institutions for County Offenders. Supervisor Lee Adams commended Bosworth on the hard work in bringing these agreements to the County. They were approved unaminously by the Board.

A discussion regarding Nevada Energy Transmission Corridor Project and Sierra County permit authority for proposed expansion of the Verdi Sub-station was continued to November so that County Counsel could do more research. The Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) agency status is yet to be permitted. Planning Director Tim Beals suggested that Sierra County has to take lead agency as the county has to issue Use Permits for the sub-station expansion, and no other agency was stepping up to oversee the project.

A Resolution was approved to transfer $2,101.50 from General Fund Contingencies into the Clerk/Recorder’s Trust Account to pay for Fish and Game CEQA review fees on the Water Protection Policy Ordinance.

Mountain Messenger Editor Don Russell hogs the Press Table being sure competitors have no room.

A summary by the Director Beals of the status of the progress on and summary of substance of the General Plan update and rewrite of the County zoning regulations was rescheduled due to indecision regarding the Lakes Basin, Supervisor Bill Nunes what’s a recommendation on the Lakes Basin and Supervisor Dave Coicoechea feels the Lakes Basin area should be left as is in the General Plan and maybe looked at later as a special area. Director Beals puts forth the General Plan presently addresses the issues at hand. It feels like Supervisor Nunes wants something done before his term is over but it is unclear what or why.

The Board authorized the reclassification the current Planner III position from regular full time to permanent part time or extra help position , effective October 1 for a period not to exceed 60 days in order  to allow continuing work on the zoning Code/General Plan update.

They also authorized two budgeted seasonal part time Road Maintenance Worker positions in Alleghany and Sierraville for snow removal operations over the course of the coming winter. The expectations discussion didn’t happen.

The Justice Facilities Fund will be paying for the air conditioning upgrade and necessary electrical work to support the upgrade in the first floor computer room.

A request from the Sierra County Fish and Wildlife Commission for approval of purchase order to the Ca Dept of F&G for the purchase of two satellite collars to fit on Elk in Sierra County was denied. Supervisor Elect Paul Roen addressed the Board pointing out that only one Elk remained in the Sierra Valley as an attempt to relocate the Elk due to conflicts with cattle resulted in the death of the Elk and he didn’t expect the other Elk to be around much longer, he didn’t clarify what he meant.

Shelli Crowder contested by appeal a denial of holiday pay and was represented at the Board meeting by the Operating Engineers Local 3 Greg Ramirez who argued a flex shift has to be agreed to by all employees. Crowder worked 4 12 hour shifts and was not scheduled to work on a holiday so did not receive holiday pay. She said she should have been paid because it was not her fault she wasn’t scheduled to work on that day. * So does that mean anyone who works in a 24/7 day environment has to be paid holiday pay even if there work schedule doesn’t include the holiday day, even when they work 5 day 8 hrs.* Just a thought that occurred in the middle of the discussion. When Ramirez was questioned after the meeting he stormed away in frustration at questions that included – was he saying the newest least senior employee could determine the shifts. His last comment, “I don’t have to talk to you about this”, it wasn’t clear if he was addressing the reporter or Supervisor Adams. The appeal was denied.

Supervisor Scott Schlefstein presents USDA Program Outreach Director Sue Ladner with Sierra County Resolution of Appreciation

A Resolution of Appreciation of Sue Ladner for the many services to the County and specifically as Program Outreach Director of the U.S. Department of Agriculture assisting in obtaining grants and coordinating grant funding for Downieville and Sierra City Fire Departments and the Town of Alleghany.

Resolutions requiring county managers and elected Department Heads to pay their portion of  PERS will be brought back in two weeks as Supervisor Schlefstein wanted to separate the Insurance costs and PERS as he was unwilling to vote yes on paying the same as employees for health insurance due to his personal situation involving two health care policies.

Board of Supervisors – Tuesday Sept 18, 2012 in Loyalton

The meeting started off with the Pledge of Allegiance, a low rumbling sound came from the back of the room that proved to be a certain Dept Head grumbling about what lies ahead. The most exciting part of the day was at the beginning when everyone realized the County Clerk had returned from giving birth to her third son and was at the helm again.

A little blurry, most likely the photographer’s fault, as County Clerk Heather Foster resumes control of all things Supervisors

Once again the Supervisors jumped around the Agenda, leaving it up to the audience, staff and media to try and keep up with what Item they were on, the first item being the secon reading and adoption of an ordinance adding some sections and deleting others to the Sierra County Zoning Code pertaining to policies for the protection of Water Resource.

A resolution rescinding and 2010 resolution and adopting a replacement resolution to reflect amended expenditure categories for the Fiscal Year 2008 Homeland Security Grant was attended too. This results in us being better prepared in an emergency.

Public Works Director Tim Beals gave an update as to how mad the State was about our Loyalton Landfill emitting methane gas into the air  and what and how costly it was going to be to comply with a Notice and Order to comply or else. There will be a Solid Waste Committee Meeting on October 1 at 2 p.m. to discuss what we  will have to do and how much it will cost us.

A Resolution authorizing continuation of extra help custodial position in the Parks and Recreation Dept relative to restroom cleaning in Downeiville and Sierra City Visitor Centers was approved to provide a minimum of one hour cleaning per day in each facility. Supervisor Adams wondered if it was possible to adjust the schedule to reflect cleaning more frequently during the busiest seasons which is a possibility according to Tim Beals.

A Resolution rescinding Resolution 2012-068 regarding Drug and Alchol Policy for transit providers and re-addoption of an amended version of the policer to conform to new requirements from the Federal Transit Administration was approved.

County Counsel presented a resolution 2012-061 pertaining to early retirement incentive to County employees was approved.

A new Master Agreement for Sierra County Fire Safe and Watershed Council was approved.

Resolution to allow employees to elect to participate in a Health Savings Account and to require employee participate in the County health insurance was particularly confusing and it wasn’t real clear what it meant was approved 3-2 with Supervisors Schelfstein and Heubner voting no.

Supervisor Dave Goicoechea gave and eloquent talk on why it was imperative for County dept managers both elected and appointed and the county supervisors should step up to the plate and accept their share of the hard knocks of a bad budget year by taking the same as all county employees in paying their share of Pers retirement  and health insurance costs.

There was a little flack on why the County Supervisors had to be treated the same, and Supervisor Schelfstein objected to making a decision future Supervisors would have to abide by, in the end County Counsel has to reword  the Ordinance affecting Supervisors benefits but the County Managers are locked into paying their portion.

A very long winded account of the update by Planning Director on the status and summary of substance of the general plan update was given with Supervisor Nunes insisting the process should be sped up, but finally all agreed the process was working the way it was supposed to and it was getting done, at least that’s what I think happened. I could be wrong. A discussion on TPZ in the General Plan and the ability to build a SFR on a private parcels was discussed including an impassioned emotional speech from Robert Eshleman about why he found it confusing. Supervisor Goicoechea said, “he didn’t see why anyone was “sleepless over the issue as it is and would be resolved in the General Plan 80 acre minimum in TPZ”.  I think.

Closed session was closed and County Counsel stated after that the claim of William Price against the county by William Price was denied. Also employee negotiations is still wafting in the wind with notice to the county the employee union and three bargaining units have decide to ask for a fact finding to be held to determine if in fact the county and union are at a stalemate and cannot come to an agreement.

In the correspondence a Response to the 2011-12 Grand Jury  letter from Sheriff John Evans  was accepted. see here. JE Response to GJ 2012

So that was pretty much it, but if you really need to know more the Agenda’s, Minutes and Audio tapes of the meetings are always posted here Agendas and Minutes


Board of Supervisors – Tuesday Sept 4, 2012 in Downieville

The Board opened their meeting and after the Pledge of Allegiance, Committee Reports and USFS District Ranger Genice Froelich gave an update about various timber sales and then the fun began, the Board went into Closed Session, to discuss  employee negotiations that had begun early in the morning.

It was difficult to follow the Agenda and things were continuously moved around or left unfinished until later in the meeting. The only relation to the published agenda were the timed items.  So I am just going to go down the agenda in order even though the sequence during the actual meeting was different.  I did not have the foresight to write times next to my notes.

The Second reading was waived  and adoption of the Aquatic Invasive Species(AIS) Ordinance and approved unaminously, although the Resolution in support of AB 2443 regarding of fee assessments for infestation prevention programs on AIS was moved by Supervisor Adams and 2nd by Chair Heubner failed by a 3-2 vote.

Report of findings of the Cabin Creek Biomass Project by Placer County was briefly discussed and it was determined a spirit of cooperation between the Sierra County Loyalton Co-Gen plant and Pacer County’s project would be a good thing as the types of bio-mass product needed would mutually compliment each other’s projects.

A Resolution approving specifications and bid documents for Off Highway Vehicle (OHV) Snow Grooming Program for 2012-2015 with the authorization to solicit bids passed unaminously with the information state supplied funding for two of the years and the hope the third year would have funding also or be revisited.

The low, qualified bid for the Historic Sheriff’s Gallows Restoration Project was awarded to Jon Klingelhofer of Downieville.

A new master agreement for the Sierra County Fire Safe and Watershed Council was continued for two weeks at the request of Mike Freschi.

Arnold Mitchem of Sierraville was appointed to the Airport Advisory Committee even though the funding for airport upkeep was temporarily taken away due to the county budget crisis.

After a discussion as to why this could be done without a violation of the Brown Act, the Vice Chair Scott Schelfstein decided to appoint incoming Supervisor Elect Paul Roen in January 2013 to the Finance Committee  to replace outgoing Supervisor Nunes so that he could attend committee meetings for the next 5 months with the justification being whoever is on the Finance Committee needs to up to speed understanding the ramifications of county finance considering the dire county budget circumstances. County Counsel advised if the observer Supervisor-elect did not participate, comment or engage during the observations it would not be a violation.

The Board voted unaminously to do away with “random” drug testing of non-mandated County employees to reduce loss of employee hours and to save County funds. Testing post accident or suspicion will continue as will all DOT mandated testing for county employees.

The Board voted to approve filling a Assessment Technician, and Sheriff’s office deputy position after much teeth gnashing and tearful pleadings from Assessor Laura Marshall and Sheriff John Evans. Whether or not a Planning position will be vacated and refilled is still in the air much to the consternation of Planning Director Tim Beals.

Another closed session

Mountain Messenger Editor Don Russell, once again, sits dejectedly on the courthouse porch wondering why he is always ejected during Closed Session.

was held to continue discussion on employee negotiations and after County Counsel Jim Curtis announced the County and the employee negotiators, including, OE Union representative Greg Ramirez, had reached an impasse, the vote to accept the impasse was 3 to 2 with Supervisors Schelfstein and Heubner voting No,  leaving it open for the County to end negotiations and make unilateral decisions such as the employees would be paying 2% of Pers benefits immediately with another increase of 2% in January of 2013 for a total of 4%. With a cap on the amount of health paid by county for employees and the same cap applies to all, Dept Mgrs and the Board. They were still close to $89,000+- in the budget deficit and were starting to look at positions for layoffs, because no department managers were willing to step up and offer to bear some of the pain by a salary reduction, although they complained bitterly about losing staff because they had to do so much more work without the employees they saw no reason to step up to the plate and bite the bullet with their employees to help keep jobs. No they didn’t. But then Becky Kinkaid. a 27 year county employee in probation who had planned on retiring when she reached Medicare age, stepped up to the plate, offered to retire early if the county paid her health care for 2 years and she would be saving another probation employees job, Chuck Henson, who lives within the county and has a wife and 3 children. This would allow the county to fill the budget deficit, keep from furloughing laying off employees and give a small light in the tunnel for the county to keep operating public safety, safely.

Most of the discussion was reasonable and not acrimonious, except for one Supervisor, Dave Goicachea, who lost a lot of respect by a couple of ill made statements, referring to employees he said “he had problems with employees questioning us”, and it is like, “inmates run the asylum”. He did try to modify and soften that comment by suggesting you can’t have “the tail wagging the dog.” Which made some in the audience (not county employees) wonder if the dog doesn’t have a tail it might survive, but then after the tail, goes the legs and then what will the dog do? But then Supervisor Scott Schelfstein said he was concerned about Public Safety and employees are very important to the County. The issue ended with Union Rep Greg Ramirez saying the Union would want to take every step (fact finding of decision) open to protect employee from benefit reductions.

Operating Engineer Union Representative Greg Ramirez speaks out for county employees.

A Public Hearing at l:30 for a Zone Amendment to the Sierra County Zoning Code modifying three existing sections of the Code pertaining to policies for the protection of water resources, to implement the relevant policies of the Sierra County General Plan passed unaminously.

County Counsel also explained to the Board it has no say on the Initiative “Measure to Amend Sierra County General Plan and Zoning Ordinances to Allow Single Family Residences on Legally Exsisting Parcels as a Matter of Right” The Initiative is put forth by Milt Holstrom, William Bate, Jerry McCaffrey, Robert Eshleman and Jim Dobbas.

Pamela Payen spoke to the Board stating, “the County had a good General Plan and she and other Valley agricultural and ranching advocates do not support the Initiative. According to County Counsel the measure will not be on the November and may have to be a Special Election or the next regularly scheduled election.

Zoning Code Initiative Measure






8/22/12 The Sierra County Board of Supervisors met in Loyalton Tuesday the 21 and dispensed with a myriad of semi-dull business.

The first item of business was Discussion/direction on an EIR for the Cabin Creek Biomass Facility proposed for Placer County at the site of the Eastern Regional Landfill (between Truckee and Squaw Valley on SR 89. Cabin Creek Biomass Facility Project

A public hearing on the Draft EIR will be held on Thursday, August 30, 2012, at 1:00 pm in the Granlibakken Resort at 725 Granlibakken Road, Tahoe City. The purpose of the hearing is to receive comments on the Draft EIR for the project. Comments related to the merits of the project will be considered at a later hearing on the entitlements for the project.

To really get a feel of the meeting and how the Supervisors got involved in Placer County business one really needs to read this weeks edition of the Mountain Messenger, in Sierra County you can visit a newstand or if you live afar, subcribe by going to the MM page elsewhere on this site and print out the subcription notice and mail to them, they will be happy to oblige as long as you include the check.

Comments on the adequacy of information with the EIR should be submitted in writing at the earliest possible date, but no later than 5:00 pm on September 10, 2012 to Maywan Krach, Placer County Community Development Resource Agency, Environmental Coordination Services, 3091 County Center Drive, Suite 190, Auburn, CA 95603,fax (530)745‐3080 or email Comments regarding the adequacy of the Draft EIR not presented during the public review period may not be considered at subsequent hearings. For more information regarding the project, please contact Project Planner, Gerry Haas, (530)745‐3084.

Item 2 was the Introduction and first reading of an Ordinance to add Chapter 9.05 to the Sierra County Code Outlining the Process for Protecting, Monitoring and Prevention of Aquatic Invasive Species in County Waterways. This is a good thing and the next item 3 was a state (AB2443) fee on vessel registration for infestation prevention programs on Aquatic Invasive Species. Although Supervisor Lee Adams proposed the Board support the fee assessment for some reason his motion was withdrawn until further investigation into the issue. Then Item 4 was getting RAC Title II funds for a County AIS (yep- Aquatic Invasive Species) program  for public outreach, monitoring and inspection for Lakes Basins and Little Truckee drainage. We need to watch for these little suckers.

The Firesafe Council will be able to use Title III funding $56,072 for projects approved under the Firewise Program.

The Incorporated Senior Citizens of Loyalton and the Golden Rays in Downieville contract with the County of Sierra to provide transit services in the County and have adopted a zero tolerance drug and alcohol testing policy for transit operators and the Board passed a Resolution affirming the policy.

Sierra County has been designated as a drought county and that makes “small, non-farm businesses, small agricultural cooperatives, and most private non-profit organizations of any size. Small businesses include those that do business with the growers, such as truckers and suppliers of agricultural equipment or services.

Contact SBA at 1800 659-2955 or visit the website at SBA drought assistance

Evidence of drought in Downieville









The Sierra County Board of Supervisors meeting was called to order by Chair Peter Huebner. During the Public Comment portion of the meeting Kathy Breed from the  Sierra County Chamber of Commerce presented the Gold Ribbon awards from the California State Fair which the Sierra County exhibit had received. Later in the agenda a spot was allowed for Golden Sizemore, a Field Organizer from California United Homecare Workers to suggest future funding from Community First Choice to be allocated to support living wages for Home Healthcare Workers, as she had missed the Public Comment session.

Moving on to Committee reports, Supervisor Lee Adams reported that NorCal EMS is presently in a dire financial state due to an audit of grant funds received by NorCal EMS which disallowed some of the grant fund use, resulting in $309,000 payback bill to the State which “could be a deathknell to NorCal EMS” , Adams mentioned, “this is a reminder to be careful of how grant money is spent.”

USFS Genice Froelich gave the Forest Service Update beginning with the fact August is Employee Appreciation Month, “our employees don’t always feel appreciated and so this is important to me, as I have the best bunch of employees.” Supervisor Dave Goicoechea mentioned a letter the Board had received from TNF Supervisor Tom Quinn responding to the Supervisor’s letter expressing disappointment of the county of the TNF plans to demolish a building at the forest service compound in Downieville was an inadequate response to the Supervisors’ concerns.  Froelich replied, “we don’t have the money to fix the problem, nor do we have the money to demolish the building right now we inadvertently made a mess and have to clean it up, we have no money for any option, but if we get the money I support Quinn’s decision to demolish the building. Goicoechea reminded Froelich the forest service needed a county permit for demolition and had ignored that request.  Froelich said “we don’t need a permit if we are not taking the debris to the county transfer station.”

Goicoechea bristled and said, “you’re splitting hairs over the permit process and this shows contemptuous action to the county and at best disrepect.” Froelich said, “well, the county wouldn’t give us a permit.” Goicoechea replied, “but the permit process may find a different path, we don’t think destroying the building is right path, we want to find a way to support keeping it.”

Supervisor Adams suggested the Board draft a letter to Quinn about the inadequate response and asking how this situation was allowed to happen. “A facility that has been here and maintained for more than half a century and only recently was allowed to get in such bad shape.” Adams continued, “and how did the USFS manage to build a multi-million dollar facility in Truckee and then say they have no money and  allow the degradation of  Downieville Facility.” Goicoechea 2nd the motion and the letter will be written.

At 0930 a Public Hearing on the Solid Waste Fees was conducted on a Resolution imposing solid waste fees for 2012-13. Residents of Clark Station appeared to protest the fee saying they shouldn’t have to have to pay for hauling their trash year round as they only occupied their summer homes for 3 months a year. Adams explained that everyone in the county pays the fee and the fee has nothing to do with the private hauling services. The county does not pick up garbage, it just operates the transfer station and the Loyalton Landfills. The fact they only are here three months is their choice as to where they live in the County, but the County has to maintain and provide the landfill and transfer stations twelve months.

An item of discussion as to the budget for the Sierra County Chamber of Commerce and East Sierra Valley Chamber and whether the two would be combined into one, quickly deteriorated into a lot of miscommunication, failed understandings, jealousy and bitterness. It was decided no decision would be made until after the Budget Item.  However, just before the budget item began, Supervisor Scott Schlefstein brought back the item and made a motion that the two entities remain separate and based on various issues ESVC would receive $7,000 and SCC would receive $31,000 for a total of $38,000.

A presentation by Emma Ingebretsen for the Sierra Business Council on a Community Wide Greenhouse Gas Emissions Inventory Report, went smoothly and quickly as Supervisor Schlefstein hoped that it would be short expecting other items, including a Closed Session to take some time.  So the Supervisors took a half hour break to buy some sandwiches and go back into closed session. After they returned County Counsel reported they discussed employee negotiations and the Newfarmer lawsuit, saying since it was dismissed in Federal Court, the defendant (County) could apply for attorney fee compensation.

Paul Guffin addresses Board of Supervisors about Budget decisions and the affect on Assessors Office staff.

The Discussion Action on adjustments to the 2012/2013 Preliminary/Final Budget went smoothly with the decision to fill impending vacancies in Planning, the Clerk’s Office and the Assessor’s Office was put on hold except they could advertise and interview but not hire until the Budget is finalized which led Paul Guffin to plead the case for his boss Assessor Laura Marshall saying she believed their office already had approval to hire and would this change affect that decision. It did and so the Assessor will have to wait with everyone else till August 21 or Sept 3rd for the final decision on budget matters, Supervisor Huebner said “you’re not special” as a reason for making the decision. It was hot, everyone was tired and happy to hear an adjournment.


One thought on “BOARD OF SUPERVISORS 10/17/12

  1. Traditionally, the State Fair is the result of combined efforts of two Chambers.
    The following was posted in our News Letter and on our website in May:STATE

    May 24, 2012 3:33 pm
    The plan is for a walk through barn using photos, DVDs and artifacts will tell the history of the valley,ranches, farms and wildlife of the Sierra Valley.
    Volunteers and materials are needed, including:

    Gathering items needed for building (wood, paint, old metal roofing, etc), Photos of Tour de Manure, Builders & Painters, Set up of electronics, Labeling of display items and story display cards, Delivery for items to the fair grounds, Meeting the printers of visitor guides for placement in storage at the fair grounds, Staffing -free fair parking and entry passes are available, Final night removal.

    This project is funded by the winnings saved from the previous years exhibit and contributions from the chambers…

    The issue yesterday WAS indeed a lot of miscommunication, failed understandings, and bitterness resulting from individuals who wanted to merge to independent businesses in a single agency to suit perhaps a personal agenda? Jealously is not a factor on either side, both Chambers have been doing a knockout job this year.

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