Board of Supervisors Tuesday 12/18/12


The Board of Supervisors met in Loyalton on Tuesday December 18. Chair Peter Huebner called the meeting to order and after the Pledge of Allegiance he introduced Loyalton High School student Sierra Little who sang the Star Spangled Banner. Supervisor Huebner then asked the audience for a Moment of Silence to remember the twenty little Angels and six Heroes whose precious lives were so senselessly lost in Newtown, Connecticut. A small memorial of 26 candles with flowers and a teddy bear were present.

The annual fee for the Loyalton Landfill of $18,242 to the State Water Resources Board was approved alongwith another $8,154 for the Sierra Brooks subdivision. The payments will be accompanied by a letter from the Board to the State suggesting they request the money be paid out of the money owed to the county from State Fish & Game.

During the meeting three Planning Commissioners, Ann Eldred, Phil Cammack and Mike Freschi were reappointed. There were four applications Karen Linde of Sierraville was the fourth applicant, however the Board decided to retain the applicants with experience and for consistancy.

A goodbye to Supervisor Bill Nunes and Supervisor Dave Goicoechea with Resolutions of Appreciation for their hard work during their terms.  Other presentations to Bill and Dave included ranchers Dave and Rick Roberti, Carl Genasci and Director of Planning and Public Works Tim Beals, Jim Turner of Sierra Pacific Industries and Sierra County Sheriff John Evans.  As Director of Human Services Janice Maddox made her appreciative gesture, Supervisor Lee Adams that she give Supervisor Goicoechea a gift certificate for three hours of mental health services. The suggestion got a huge laugh from the onlookers.

Supervisor Scott Schlefstein presents Resolution of Appreciation to retiring Supervisor Bill Nunes

Board Chair Peter Huebner presents outgoing Supervisor Dave Goicoechea with Resolution of Appreciation.


Sierraville District Ranger Quentin Youngblood presents an appreciation plaque to both Supervisors Goicoechea and Supervisor Nunes.


Supervisor Bill Nunes receives an appreciation photo from Jim Branham, Executive Director and Bob Kingman, Area Manager of the Sierra Nevada Conservancy

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