Board of Supervisors Tuesday December 4, 2012


The Sierra County Board of Supervisors opened with the Pledge of Allegiance and quickly morphed into a fast paced Board Meeting finished before the 11:45 presentation to the Rollins and Pangman families for their work on the Downieville Community Park restoration.

First item on the agenda was a Professional Agreement for Family Planning between Robin Jaquez, FNP and Sierra County for 2013. The state provides funding of $17,780 and as long as the funding continues the Board approved the contract. Another agreement approving the Public Health Emergency Preparedness, Hospital Preparedness Program and the State Pandemic influenza agreement for $297.891 was approved at the request of Director Janice Maddox, however, Supervisor Lee Adams said he would approve it but  commented, “this is a lot of money for 3,200 people”.

The Board also approved Director Maddox’s request to recruit and fill the vacant position of Social Worker Supervisor, the approval included a request from Supervisor’s Nunes and Goichoichea to please hire at the lower end of the pay scale with the caveat that they “did not want to tie her hands” in her selection.

An interesting discussion ensued about the security of the Sierra County Gold Collection now on display at the Natural History Museum in Los Angeles. Auditor/Treasurer Van Maddox said he had contacted the Museum and they had upscaled their security after the recent three thefts of gold in other counties. He said the next step would be a Brinks armored car pickup and stored in a vault. The collection is insured for the monetary value.

Supervisor Adams said the three incidents occurred in Oakland, Yreka and Mariposa and they thought they had good security. He also mentioned that discussions with Wells Fargo to possibly bring the collection closer to Sierra County were ongoing but didn’t seem to be going anywhere.

County Planner Brandon Pangman mentioned he will be visiting the area during the holidays and will go to see the collection. He mentioned the last time he visited he noticed another gold nugget from the Oriental Mine and commented, “it is interesting both specimens on display were from Sierra County.”

A lengthy discussion on the rebid of the county snow grooming project ensued, explaining the reason for the need to rebid and announcing the low bidder as Sierra Snocats, Inc with the low bid of $26.50 per mile and $47 per hour. The next lowest bidder was Independent Machine Services (IMS) at $29 per mile and $50 per hour. The low bidder was awarded the contract.

The Sierra Economic Development Corporation submitted a revised Joint Powers Agreement (JPA) for the county to approve and sign. “

“The attached JPA is intended to replace in its entirety the JPA drafted in 1969 and last amended in 1974 that led to the creation of the Sierra Economic Development District.”  The county Supervisors and County Counsel, Jim Curtis, noted the description of SEDCorp stated it was a “private, non-profit”, which gave rise to the question as to why the County would hava a JPA with a private entity and could involve the county in many undesired entanglements. The Board decided not to sign the JPA and directed County Counsel to talk to SEDCorp and explain the hesitation.

There were three applicants for three positions on the Sierra Valley District Hospital Board, Isabel Brooks, Kimberly Johnson and Jeffery Toraason. All three were appointed.

The dates for the January 2013 Board Meetings were planned as the normal 1st Tuesday falls on January 1, New Year’s Day, a county holiday. The meetings will be January 8th and January 22nd as regular scheduled meetings.

There was discussion about the method of appointing Planning Commissioners as three terms expire on December 31, rather than wait the issue will be decided at the December 18th meeting. It was expected that all three current Commissioners, Phil Cammack, Anne Eldred and Mike Freschi will submit applications for re-appoimtment.

The 2nd reading and adoption of the Ordinances establishing elected officials contributions to Pers and Health benefits was heard and both Ordinances passed with Supervisor Scott Schlefstein voting No on the Health Ins contribution.

Finally, we got to the two items of importance on the Agenda. Resolutions thanking the Cy Rollins family and the Bill Pangman family for their efforts and donations to the restoration of the Downieville Community Park.  See pictures and Resolutions below:

Cy Rollins family listen as Supervisor Lee Adams reads Resolution of Appreciation for the family’s donation of time, hard work and material for the restoration of Mining Equipment at the Downieville Community Park.

Cy Rollins holds Resolution as he receives standing ovation from Sierra County Supervisors and audience.

The Rollins Family

The Pangman’s Resolution

Supervisor Lee Adams presents the Resolution of Appreciation to Brandon Pangman and retired Judge Bill Pangman

Scott McDermott was commended by Public Works Director Tim Beals for his help and his role in assuring the Downieville Community Park restoration was completed properly and safely.

Bobby Burrington listens as Tim Beals praises his work and efforts on behalf of the Downieville Community Park restoration


Tim Beals took the opportunity of Bill Pangman being in the audience and relived some of the old days, when he, Bill Copren, Lee Adams and Bill Pangman skied together. Mentioning the different styles, Copren hell bent for leather down the slopes, Adams and Pangman sticking to form and style and himself (Beals) just trying to survive, (his skill attested to by his outfit, sweatpants). Beals suggested that Bill Pangman always envied his sweatpants and so presented him with a late retirement gift of the same. see below.

Tim Beals getting ready to embarrass Bill Pangman…

Bill Pangman admires sweatpants he has always coveted and thanks Beals for the awesome gift.

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