BullS*** Fatigue – Poetic Justice 4/3/13

Bullshit fatigue: Poetic Justice

A Fringe poetatation for the Sierra Nation 

Things are going to hell and I think we all know whose fault it is.

We’ve all seen in the news and on the Internet what they’re doing and how they’re doing it, and I just want to weigh in with those who say we’ve had enough.

Those who’ve been around awhile know it’s worse than it’s ever been, and those who are young know it’s going to get a lot worse in the decades to come.

None of us can pretend anymore that things aren’t getting out of hand.

We know who’s at the heart of this, it’s those rich guys who want to see America torn apart by strife; it’s easy to look them up on Wiki.  Their record speaks for itself, and whether they’re working for the U.N. or Monsanto, we know what they’re after.

Do I need to say it: energy crisis tar sands fracking.  Terrorist attacks six major domestic spy agencies.  Pro-life choice and marriageless babies.  Immigrants and insiders and surgical drones.  The economy, stupid, the stupid economy.  The Fed, the Market and Minimum wage, taxation sequestration and medical rage.  Above all there are the children, the children, always the children.

What about the dead or those in prison or among the prison dead.  No one seems to answer but someone must know.  I’ve signed the petitions, liked it on Facebook, called a guy in the building where my congressman works.  I’ve sent ten dollars, forwarded emails, texted, talked and tweeted and called them all jerks.

We could make some progress if it weren’t for that group, the one who is unlike us and against us and who wants to tear us down.  Their followers are hypnotized or fixated or stupid or crazy or called by the devil or a maniac Jesus.  If we don’t raise money and get names and light candles they’ll win for sure, the nation will fall, and then lives will be lost; lives will be lost.

We are right, and if we pull together, we are mighty!  We are rising from our sleep, shaken from our torpor and glued to the screen.  We’ll save the women, save the poor, save the nation by saving the wealthy; save the wolves and save the cowboys, save the environment by eating more healthy.  And the children, the babies and children, above all.

Never in history have a people been more connected and distracted; never have so many said so much about so little.  If our ideals are to be made real in the world we must repeat them so we don’t forget, we never forget, and the children.

It’s bullshit from all sides; I have bullshit fatigue.

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