Can I Burn? Look here. 10/3/12

Northern Sierra Air Quality Management District

Is It a Burn Day?

Before you burn always call the Burn Day recorder

to find out if it is a permissive burn day.

Burn Recorder Numbers

                                  Plumas County                        Sierra County

                                  Quincy Area   283-3602             Sierraville    994-3561

                                  Greenville       284-6520             Downieville    289-3662

                                  Chester           258-2588

                                  Portola             832-4528

Be careful to avoid causing a smoke nuisance

and never burn household garbage or construction debris.

Please call if you have any questions, or visit

District Headquarters  (530) 274-9360

Northern Field Office    (530) 283-4654

Eastern Field Office      (530) 550-7872

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