Carrie’s Corner 12/12/12

Carrie’s Corner
By: Carrie A. Blakley
With Christmas being a mere two weeks away, this is about the time when many of us go into a blind shopping panic. First of all, we have to think about contending with traffic jams to, and from, our shopping trips. In Sierra County, a traffic jam is defined as ‘more than three cars at a stop sign’, or, ‘more than four deer crossing any given road at the same time’. In the cities, however, traffic jams are horrendous. Then, we have to plan for food. No one can shop on an empty stomach, so we have to plan to replenish our nourishment from time to time. Finally, a means by which we can get everything brought home, stashed away, without anyone, including the family pets, seeing what we’re up to. This can present special problems, especially if you are owned by a talking parrot, a hunting dog, more than two felines, or..all three.
There is an option. It’s called, the Internet. Even up in these parts, Internet shopping can save us A LOT of time, hassle and even money. Simply add a day, or two, on to the shipping time, and you’re all set. Many people think that Internet shopping is expensive. Well, they’re not wrong, but it’s not always the case. Think about the money you use for the gas to travel to shop. Then, add in anything you might buy to eat. Next, figure out the total amount of the items you’ve purchased, and then include any additional charges (taxes, etc). Finally, consider all the time you’ve spent shopping as well, and in conditions that are probably less than ideal.
When you add all that up, you’re actually saving money by sitting at home and doing your holiday shopping in your pajamas. You’re saving money on food, gas, additional costs…not to mention saving your back a lot of standing and sitting. Sometimes, doing a bit of shopping over the Internet isn’t such a bad idea after all, I suppose. Besides, how many shops can you go into in your comfort clothes and shop around carrying a hot cup of coffee or tea, wearing your bed slippers and holding a small animal? Happy shopping everyone!

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